"Regular "35mm camera or "disposable"?


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Dec 30, 2000
I have always brought my regular camera (with zoom lens) when I went to Disney but this year I was considering bringing a few of the disposable ones instead. I figured it be smaller to carry and I wouldn't have to worry about something happening to my camera. On the other hand though, it is nice to have the zoom lens for some shots - like the Epcot ball from across the lagoon in WS (just to mention one) Any opinions?

I've always kept a disposable camera (with flash)in either our diaper bag or knapsack for "everday" kind of shots at the beach/pool/restaurants etc...that way I don't have to worry about the good camera or lens being damaged by sand/water or being tossed around. But for those special events/trips etc. I find my 35mm indispensable...if you're used to using a "real" camera, then I think you'll miss the diversity (options of variable focus, zoom etc.), especially in a place like WDW that presents so many opportunites for unique photographs. Just my opinion!
If you are going to buy a few disposable cameras, I HIGHLY recommend you buy the waterproof kind. That way, rain or shine, waterpark or themepark, you don't have to worry about banging it around or getting it wet. I bought three of them for our last visit and got some excellent shots at Typhoon Lagoon (underwater ones were hilarious) and the picture quality was pretty good.
The quality of the disposable cameras is poor. They are good for giving to kids (I agree the waterproof ones are good for the water parks). If you're taking enought pictures you might buy a second camera (I bought a small Olympus camera for about $100 which takes excellent pictures).

Hi I thought I would put in my two cents since I am very disappointed in the picture I got this past summer. I have a heavy older 35 MM with a great zoom lens. I have always gotten great shots of all our disney trips. I had a back injury this year so I thought I would save myself the added weight of carrying the camera. I still haven't developed all the pictures because I thought the first group was pretty bad. I am going to look into purchasing a new 35 MM now they are smaller lighter and have some wonderful features. They seem to be pretty resonably priced considering that when your family is grown they will have all these memories. I can't believe I wasted the entire trips pictures because even though I was spending $4200 on the trip I was too cheap to get a $200 camera to remember it with. Penny wise and Pound foolish. Even my son who thinks his scowl at the camera is acceptable(15 YO) was disappointed.
I've done both and, now that I have a new APS camera, I use that since it isn't much bigger than the disposables and it has the additional capabilities like red-eye elimination & zoom.

The disposables are nice because they are risk free (theft, breakage, etc.) and compact but for the cost of 5 or 6 of them, you could have a relatively compact regular camera with all the bells & whistles.

I only use the waterproof disposables when appropriate. Other than that, I stick with my own camera now.
of both. I love my Pentax, and take it everywhere!! So there was no way I wouldn't take it to Disney World :). But hubby decided he wanted to take pics too and instead of using my film, he bought a few disposables. We also bought a water camera and my son had a cheaper 35mm. All our pics came out really nice! Although you can tell my Pentax pics are a bit higher quality! It was nice to see the different POV's though. I would say definately take at least one water camera for the pool/water parks...maybe bring a few disposables for other family members. But use your good camera for most the pictures! ESPECIALLY, if you plan to scrapbook them someday! :) You'll definately want the best pics then


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Fuji makes a very nice line of disposable cameras, 35mm and APS. Most now use 800 speed film. Beware of the "cheapy" disposables, they spot market film and have opened many to find Kodak in some, Fugi in some, Polaroid in some and black and white cans of no name film.
Most cameras now come with red eye reduction, not just APS, a lot of cameras now come with the availability of panoramic shots as well as regular shots.
It really does make a difference on where you have the film processed. IMHO, it makes no sense to send them to an outlab to save a few bucks and not have them color or density corrected. One hour labs (except Walgreens or CVS) take the time to look at the photos one by one and make the corrections. I know this, I do it all day long.
I tell people I don't process film, I preserve memories. :) I also spend a large amount of my time reprinting sent out film. What a difference a very small amount of time can make to someone who's memories of a trip are in 4x6 inch prints.
I have been very impressed with the quality of shots taken with some disposables. Processing can make a HUGE difference in the outcome.


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We actually use disposables more than anything b/c we pack very lightly for the parks (Everyone wears a fanny pack). I've gotten some great outdoor pictures. Flash ones are not as consistent. Fugi disposables are MUCH better than Kodak, and 35 mm is far superior to APS. Wal-Mart has the best prices on these, too. Last year I had $2 coupons, so got the daylight cameras for under $2. Tip: put address labels on each camera, so you have a chance of getting any lost one back.
We decided hubby and I would use our good 35mm, and let each of our older kids (15 & 12 ) have disposable cameras. That way, when we split up, we will be able to see what the other group did!!

I too plan to scrapbook after our trip, and I don't want to miss anything!! 64 days and counting!

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Having to been to disney several times in the past with my 35 mm camera which is heavy and cumbersome. no one wanted to carry it especially on the rides. We have WONDERFUL pictures of trips. with that in mind... the last two trips we purchased disposable cameras. EVERYONE was happy ... nothing to lug around, fits easily into pants pocket, is light and really the pictures are not that bad. no one worrying about losing it. Yes as pre vious poster stated we put name stickers on them. like the ones you put on your outgoing mail. we re happy with this decision. good luck
I took my 35 mm with zoom lens in my fanny pack, but I also bought several of the disposable cameras for my son's use. He had tons of fun making his own scrapbook with his own pictures when we got home! I read a suggestion on this site that I think is really wise: put a return-address label (with either your home or resort address) on your disposable cameras! They are so easy to accidently set down somewhere and walk away from (especially kids)! Cheese! :)


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