Recent visitors to ASMU?


Jan 15, 2004
This will be our first trip on-site in 11 years coming up in March. Stayed at Dixie Landings back in 93 and HIFS in 2002. Just wondering what to expect. Had to choose between ASMU and Pop Century when making our reservations. (Our top choices of ASMO and ASsp were not available) We chose the music theme because of the lush look of the grounds, even though the idea of staying in new rooms was enticing. Hope we made the right choice. There will be my DH, and two DS's (10 and 5) We requested Jazz. How are the rooms - ie condition? What about the pool? What is the depth - ie no diving? How was the food court? Any tips or feedback from recent guests would be appreciated.


Jan 11, 2000
I have stayed at the ASMU many times and have always had a great experience. There is a baby pool about 18 inches deep, the two large pools are 3-5 foot deep. Always plenty of chairs and lounges. Jazz is a great building always my pick. No diving in any of the pools. The rooms are nice but starting to show signs of ware and tare but still very nice. The food court is fine and offers the same as the other all stars.


Jan 10, 2004
ditto here on the info as well. we are staying there in march also.
don't know what building yet though. they said i wouldn't know that til i got there. :D


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Aug 19, 1999
We stayed at the All Star Music Resort in August and really enjoyed this resort. Our room was in building 10 which is one of the Calypso Buildings, which is also one of the preferred buildings. It was a great location but I think either one of the Jazz Buildings would be great locations as well. We went to both pools but primarily used the main pool because it was right in front of our building. The pools are do not get any deeper than 5 feet and there are no slides at either pool. We thought the food court had a great variety of selection of food. Have a great trip. I think you will enjoy this resort. I enjoyed walking around this resort looking at all the different themes of the different buildings. It is really fun to look at. Agian, have a good time!


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