Rebooking and getting same room #?


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Jan 30, 2011
So when we reshop on board....We have booked our room and paid the 20% deposit. So if/when we are able to rebook and get the OBC and 10% off, are we actually booking new? Meaning do we only have to put 10% down on the rebooked price? We want to also book another cruise for this coming May. Can we use the 20% from the old booking for the 10% on each of the two new bookings?
Hope thats not too confusing!

Feisty Fairy

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Dec 7, 2010
Okay from what I have read the following would be true right?

I am sailing in May 2012 on a five night cruise on the Magic and is the first time I have ever cruised and am already thinking about cruising again. If I book another cruise say a cruise sailing in September for instance and put down the deposit. When I am on-board I can go to the re-booking which in this case would be re-shopping desk and they could book a cruise for 10% off the cruise and currently "OBC of $100 for 6 nights or less and $200 for seven night cruises." If I like the deal I can have them cancel the reservation I had made on land I am "not" using a TA but would be booking online though Disney website and have the apply what I paid toward the cruise. And would only have to pay extra if the trip cost was more than what I booked online but I would only have to pay 10% of the difference of the total cost of the cruise if there is one. And if the cruise is less than I have to pay nothing addition than the deposit that transferred from my original reservation, right? I hope what I am trying to ask makes sense. For instance if the cruise was a hundred dollars more but get on-board credit of $200 it would be worth re-shopping the cruise and paying a small difference.

Am I correct in how this works?

I must be crazy for not even going on cruise yet and already thinking of booking another one. I do not know id I should might until I cruise in May or go ahead and book before May if me and hubby decide we want to go on another cruise. What do you think book before go or what until on ship.

Also I know that it say previous cruises get the offer for the OBC. Would it have already counted the cruise that I would currently be on as sailing once. In other words if I go to the re-booking desk would they then count me as a Castaway Cay remember even though that is my first cruise and would I be eligible for OBC and discount. And if so will your Castaway Cay member number be automatically linked to the new reservation.

Also is there a specific time you must go to the desk to get the special offers or can you go anytime. And what times is the desk open generally. Thanks for any help just trying to make sure I have a grasp on re-booking and re-shopping.

Also I am thinking of possibly booking another cruise. I will be on my first in May and I know your get perks for booking on-board. But I thought about booking online before the cruise and re-shop the cruise on-board. By question is that the dates I was looking at when I try and select a stateroom says GTY. Can a GTY room be canceled. If I find an offer on board that I like and that deposit applied to the new reservations and would I get all the perks that get for on-board booking. I thought GTY was non refundable but I also thought you had to pay in full at booking and when proceeding to the next step it has a deposit amount that is normal 20%.

Any help clarifying this I would appreciate.


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