*rant*Annoyance with Dev Pts, Dining and Early Wakeup calls

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    Synopsis: Cranky and tired woman who couldn't make Dining reservations (And yes it was resolved at the end)... :goodvibes

    So I wake up at 4am Pacific (things I do for my nieces and nephew after only getting to bed at 2am....) so I can call Dining at 7am opening... (Here is where my tired comes in)

    I call right on the dot, literally 10 seconds earlier I got a message phone lines were closed. So anyways I start off with an over 10 minute wait at opening... (Still tired but dealing with it.)

    Get on line with very nice woman, wakes me up a little -- You want to make reservations for 08/31 she says after I give my conf number...

    Ummm no I arrive 08/28 -- I am put on hold, (tired and slightly annoyed) she returns I see your confirmation having an arrival of... (cranky sets in as she sees my old dates) :headache:

    So I give up; don't get me wrong I had no problem at all with the agent. She was lovely and did at least feel bad for me (or sounded like she did and was good at her job lol). I go back to sleep (Hubby didn't bat an eye that I got up and returned) and get up at 8am this time (still tired and cranky) and call DVC Member Services --

    Again a lovely woman -- I see your reservation for 08/28 but the people in charge of Dev Points never made the actual change so we can't reserve... please hold.(I know someone will ask -- my dates did change, but that was a month ago!). :scared1::scared1: :mad::mad:

    So I am placed on hold again about 20 minutes in total with the woman coming back to me mid way -- she was searching for a Team Lead to correct the problem on the spot. Which did eventually happen and eventually I did get my reservation for Chef Mickey's at ONE table (took us a while to find one table to fit 7) so the outcome worked fine but geeeez talk about something I didn't want to deal with so little sleep.

    DVC was lucky I got a really nice person on the line because at this point if I got any attitude they'd hear it back. :rotfl:

    MORAL OF THE STORY: If you have Dev Points and are changing your dates ENSURE that the changes have actually gone through. Being that I had a conf. number I wrongly assumed the change went though. Granted when i think back and made the changes the agent said I'd keep my Conf Number from the original booking during the same convo that I requested the change.

    :surfweb::surfweb: ~TM
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    I feel for you!
    I'm glad it worked out in the end!

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