Quick Trip Day 2--Discovery Cove AND Seaworld!


Earning My Ears
Apr 24, 2000
Originally we had planned on just hitting IOA, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens on our 3 day trip but after visiting these boards and reading about Discovery Cove, I knew we had to do it too! So, instead of giving up one of the other parks, we decided to try to do TWO parks in one day! Since we only had a 1/2 day at Discovery Cove, we opted to go without the Dolphin Swim (Will definately do this next trip though!). Arrived at the park around 9. Quick check in. Received a short tour and they also took a free pic of us to be picked up later :) Tour guide said that they only had 200 reservations for today (02/01/01)! We went and opted for the wet suits. Good idea to go a size up in these if you are tall! Put our stuff in the free locker and we were on our way! First went in the freshwater pool with the waterfalls that went to the river. This pool was nice and warm :) No fish in here but a nice place to get used to snorkling. Next went to the tropical pool with the fish and rays. This pool was nice and big and only a few people were here. We started to snorkle and I just about freaked out when the big rays were swimming a few feet below me! They don't bug you so there is nothing to worry about. We went all around this pool. Went to the other side and it seemed like all of the rays were over here. We had alot of fun snorkling in this pool as it is so big and there is much to see! Took alot of pics with the underwater camera too! We'll see how good they turn out since the sun wasn't out. After about an hour in this pool we went to the river and snorkled in this along with the current and ended up in the bird aviary. They let us feed the birds and a few landed on us which made for some nice pics ;) The rest of the river was closed off so we walked out of the bird aviary and went over to the ray pool. These rays are different than the ones in the main pool (although there are a few of the main pool type of rays here--only smaller) These rays swim mostly near the surface and are friendlier. They soon swam around us but I kinda freaked out when one touched me so I went to shallower water. Fiance stayed out in the ray pool while I took pics of him. He could have stayed in here all day! Went back to the tropical pool and did some more snorkling. Fiance had taken his snorkle back and exchanged it for one that didn't leak. He said that they siad that this happens alot so don't be afraid to exchange yours if you think it may be leaking! We tried to dive down in the tropical pool but the wet suits are really bouyant. Oh well, we enjoyed swimming through the schools of fish. Don't forget to look for all of the shark underwater viewing areas too! We could have spent all day in this pool. It was so relaxing just floating on the water snorkling. It was around noon so we decided to go and get our lunch. We went and showered and changed first though since we knew we had to be leaving. Discovery Cove supplies shampoo and blow dryers so that was a nice touch. Lunch was good--I had the Salmon and he had the chicken stir fry. Big portions. We sat and watched the dolphin swims from afar while we ate. We took a few more pics and then said good bye to the park :( We thought the non-dolphin swim for $89 was a great deal as you get a free pass to Seaworld (to be used before or after your DIscovery Cove day--or like us, on the SAME day), free lunch, free pic, free parking, and an awesome experience!!!
Arrived at Seaworld by 1pm. Went back towards the rides, hitting the Manatees along the way. These were great to sit and watch. Did Kraken roller coaster first--this is a GREAT coaster! LOved the 3rd inversion that give you killer airtime! There was no wait for this! It had the special seats in rows 4 and 5 so that fiance could fit on it. Went on Kraken a few more times and bought our on-ride pic :) Went on Journey to Atlantis next. Had our ponchos on so we didn't get real wet. Enjoyed this ride although it was no Kraken! Out of the 4o coasters I have been on, Kraken is up near the top! The only other floorless coaster I have been on is Batman: Knight Flight at Six Flags Ohio and this coaster beats it hands down! Next we went to terrors of the deep. Really enjoyed the plexiglass tunnel though the shark tank. Checked out the Penguin Encounter and then went and fed the sea lions--that was fun! Went and saw all of the stuff we had skipped early, except the shows, and were out of there by 5 to go back and pic up our free pic from DIscovery Cove before it closed. Wish we would have had time to do some of the shows but we will be here (hopefully) next year since we will be doing Discovery Cove again. Hopefully next year we can give each park a whole day each ;)
It sounds like you had a wonderful day and that you really enjoyed it. I know we will never do this (I can just hear DH "You want to pay to go snorkeling to see what?") because with a little effort we could do it for free here, but I am sure we will never appreciate it as much just because we can. You know what I mean? Your report reminded me how lucky I am. Mahalo for sharing.
Thanks for the trip report! I just love reading about other peoples trips and all the fun the had. :D

You made discovery cove sound so real, like I was there. Wonderful, thanks for taking the time to write.


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