Quick reviews from our June 9-15 trip.

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    We stayed at SSR and ate all of our breakfasts and two dinners at the villa. We spent less on food this 7 day trip than we did for a 4 day trip in December.:cool1:

    The cast: me, DW, DD12, DS10, our Canadian friend and her DD9 and DD7.

    Artist’s Palette – I got the Pulled Pork flatbread, which was OK. I wasn’t thrilled with the apple in the sauce. Being from NC, I eat BBQ all the time, and we don’t put no apple in it! Not that it was bad, just not necessary. DW got a salad or something and the kids got…..kids’ stuff I guess. They all seemed happy! The sandwiches looked great, but we didn’t get another opportunity to eat here. The pricing was great (relative to being in “the World”). The kids really enjoyed drawing on the easels.

    Sci-Fi Dine In – This has become a must-do for us. We got burgers and shakes, and DS got a hot dog. The cherry Coke was TOO cherry. Me no likey. The food is solid, not remarkable. We love the clips (please update!), and the service has always been top notch. It is an oasis of cool on a hot day, and here’s a big secret no one ever mentions: it is QUIET! Everyone (and their kids) is focused on the screen, limiting noise big-time.:ssst:

    Rosie’s Café/Catalina Eddies – solid CS food, with lots of space and not too crowded in the evening (thank you Fantasmic!). One weird thing, though. I could’ve sworn I smelled BBQ somewhere, but I couldn’t find it! Was it the turkey legs I smelled?:confused3

    Typhoon Lagoon – Typhoon Tilly’s was decent CS. I didn’t get anything cuz I was saving up for CM’s (below). Everyone seemed happy with what they got.

    Chef Mickey’s – We’ve had breakfast here, but never dinner. Now that we can say “we’ve eaten at CM,” we don’t have to do it again! Not that it was bad, but paying over $100 for a mediocre meal when our kids don’t give a flip about characters doesn’t make sense (our friend and her daughters were on their first trip, so they were into the characters). The prime rib was good, as were the parmesan potatoes, and there was a good roast beef dish with rice. For some reason I was expecting a better pasta dish, but they were serving average ravioli. The food was OK, but there are lots of other restaurants on-property that we’d like to try. The dessert bar was a hit, and the character interaction was outstanding.

    Tusker House – I got the rotisserie chicken and DW got the turkey wrap, which we both really liked. A great value considering the quality and price. We ate here mainly cuz it’s closing before we go back in Oct. It will be a loss, but I’m eager to see what they do with it going forward.

    Hollywood & Vine (FDP) – Nothing really popped out at us here. The ever-present prime rib was OK, and they had a couple of interesting pasta dishes. A pork selection they had was good. We prolly won’t eat here again. There’s nothing about the food or service (which was good) to pull us back, and our family doesn’t feel compelled to see Fantasmic again anytime soon. We’ll hit the park while (almost) everyone else goes. We chose H&V for the FDP because of the lower cost and variety over MM and BD. Having the FDP was great as Fantasmic was SRO that night.

    Whispering Canyon Café – We ate a late lunch here on our MK day before heading back to SSR for a rest. It was not crowded, but I was underwhelmed by the speed of service. It seemed to take a really long time for our food and drinks to arrive. Our server was really fun, but I’m impatient by nature and “fun” wasn’t enough to offset the poor service. DD and I got the skillet, DS got a burger, and DW got the Buffalo chicken salad, which she liked. I was disappointed with the skillet. In our past 2 trips we ate here at dinner. In my haste I failed to notice that they don’t serve the pulled pork at lunch (third BBQ mention – see a trend?). Not happy. The ribs were good, though. Still like WCC, but won’t go back at lunch.

    Sunshine Seasons – Top notch CS, rivaling TH. Everyone loved what they got. I ate the rotisserie chicken, DD had an Asian dish, DS had a turkey sandwich. Can’t remember what DW had. We got our stuff while she saved a table <ducks>:stir: . Our friend and her daughters did the Jr. Chef thing, which took foooooreeeevvvvverrrrrrr.

    Also had :mickeybar every day, which :rockband:
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    Thanks for the reviews. We are also going to miss Tusker House, we ate here on every visit to the AK.
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.

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