Quick MiB challenge to CoasterFEV/Earl


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Dec 18, 2000
Sat. Feb. 24, 4-5pm., if you dare! Prize will be winners' choice of drink.
I'd like to milk you for scoring tips , as I will be engaged in competition on March 10. There's Q-tips at stake then, or at least a can of corn!
If can't make it tomorrow, at least post helpful hints for me on these boards, Pleeze! (Type hints in code so Barry can't decipher. Try Navajo....I learnt some Navajo watching X-files)
If you choose to accept this mission, I'll be the dude with the faded Atl. Hawks hat on (It's lucky to me, not them).
Hope you see me tomorrow.
OK - I'll bite:

Here are a few helpful hints on getting a high score at MIB:

1) NEVER let up on the trigger. The auto-fire will work faster than you can.
2) Going through scene 1 (the "shooting gallery" area) your goal should be no less than 25,000.
3) Remember, your gun uses an infared beam that gets bigger the farther away it is from the source. In other words, keep your sights and your aim on every target that is farther away from you - you have ALOT better chance of hitting it. Don't waste your time on the targets close up.
4) All aliens that are in the windows that open and close are worth more points (since you can't hit them when the windows are closed).
5) Even when there are no target aliens in sight, NEVER let up on the trigger. There is a "small child with absolutely no aim" program built in. This means that for every certain number of "misses," the computer will register a few thousand points. (they add up quick!)
6) If you are going for a high score as a group - if EVERYONE in the vehicle hits the "red button" at the same time (obviously needs some communication between riders) - then EVERYONE will receive the bonus.
7) Once the vehicles are scanned and you are instructed to shoot the "fusion exhaust port" on the other vehicle - FORGET THAT! Shoot the Fusion Exhaust Port on YOUR OWN VEHICLE!!!! Each hit is worth ALOT of points and the scoring doesn't differentiate whether you are shooting your own, or your opponents vehicle. (warning - will cause ALOT of spinning for you!)

Any more Earl??
You know, as a moderator, I could delete these secrets, but nah, I will probably use them. :)

I am considering giving the lowest scorer a booby prize, like a date with me. :D


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I am taking notes!! We first timers need all the help we can get!! :(
Good thing we like corn! :)
When shooting your own exhaust pipe it is best to be in the right front seat if you are right handed.
I have a question. We were unable to get more than 2 people to get the bonus when pushing the red button. It has to be exactly at the same time? Someone would get it in the front and someone would get it in the back but that was it.
Some more hints:
There are aliens in the parking meters. Look for the eyes. Also in the trees. Supposedly there is an alien under a flower pot somewhere that is a lot of points. My son saw it but I never did.
If I think of more I will post it.
My only hint because I was the worst of the bunch. Is just keep firing all over the place. Hey at least I can get over 150,000. My kids were consistently 200,000. Even my 5 year old would beat me. I guess I am not that good at these games.
I was there yesterday bro. I had a score of 954,000. Could have gotten more but did not want my score to look like I only had 100 points.


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