Refillable mugs:
The cost for a refillable mug is $5 per day for the length of the cruise, so a 7 day cruise would be $35. You still have to pay the full amount regardless of which day you buy the mug on, so it would be $35 even if it's the Friday before you disembark. The mug is good for one cruise only, some people find it inconvenient to carry them around everywhere you go.

You can get the mugs refilled at any lounge and you can also ask them to refill it at the full service restaurants. You can get any soda drink they have in the fountains. They have Diet Sprite, but it's only available in the cans so you won't be able to get it in the refillable mug.

If you prefer to get a soda drink in a can, you'll have to pay for each one, and it's $1.50 each plus a mandatory 15% gratuity. You'll have to pay for each can of soda even if it's during a meal.

At full service restaurants, you can get free soda fountain drinks during the meals.

Trading Cards:
DCL has trading cards that you can get at various places around the ship. There is a symbol in the daily navigators that will indicate where they will have them, but I think you can ask any of the ship's officers if they have one when you see them walking around anywhere. I'm not sure of the number of cards they have, I think it's somewhere between the mid 20s and 30.

Hope that answers your general questions.
Since the mug is good for one cruise only, are the mugs actually different for each cruise?

Does DCL object to bringing a mug from a prior cruise just to use at the self-serve coffee/tea stations (not soft drinks)?
I don't see how they could object, it would be no different than if you brought a red cup with yellow flowers on it.

But they do have the cups with lids available right there at the drink station if you want to use theirs.
Yes, they do. But the mugs are more insulated and BIGGER. I like to take a BIG coffee or tea back to my cabin sometimes ;-). I'm not much for soft drinks anyway, but drink a lot of coffee and (iced) tea.


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