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Aug 27, 2001
Ok, I realize I'll sound like a big loser, but can anyone explain to me how the convention works? We have AP, so we don't need to buy passes, and we have a camper....but where does everyone stay? Again, I apologize if I sound somewhat ignorant, but it really sounds like fun and I would love to join in. Any answers would be appreciated.
There are never any stupid questions, especially if you want to know about the convention! LOL
Here's how it worked last year: there were two packages offered. The first was a convention events and room package. The other was events only. If you wanted tickets, you did separately, I think. I have any AP so I didn't need the prearranged convention/park tickets. The events package covered all the special exclusive events they planned. (our dinner at World Showcase, Illuminations & Fantasmic dessert parties, a character breakfast, opening and closing receptions) We did have some mini meets that were not exclusive to the convention, too. Last years convention headquarters was at the Yacht Club, which I believe will remain the same. We had people staying all over, really. Most everyone stayed at one of the EPCOT resorts, if they could. People that stayed at All Stars and Port Orleans had some problems with transportation after some of the late night activities. If they had a car, they were fine. I was at the Yacht Club, and really enjoyed my late night walk back from Jelly Rolls and Kimonos. It's so pretty and so peaceful at that time of night. Hope this answered some of your questions. Keep watching this board for more information, and feel free to ask any questions you might have! :)
I felt very safe walking home from out late night activities, but of course we were staying at the host hotel and could walk, right Barb.. LOL.. I would assume with the camper you are staying at Fort Wilderness or are you outside the park??? Barb did a great job answering your questions here and if you have any others I am sure between us all we can give you the answer or get the answer for you..
Hey just wanted to sat Welcome, and hope you can make it!!!
Thanks, glo, and to Mac-key, I doubt if we will stay at Ft. Wilderness, money is an issue and we usually stay in Kissimmee since we can get a spot under $30 there. Some more questions, I use a wheelchair, is this going to hinder me in any way? Also we have an 11 year old daughter, is she allowed to come or is this an aduts only deal? Thanx again for your patience! :)
One of our DisConers this past year used a wheelchair to get around.. Hopefully she will come over to answer this part of your question for you..

As far as children are concerned..if you are purchasing an events only ticket as long as you purchase one for them as well.. they can participate in our organized events.. As far as the nightlife, i.e. Jellyrolls or Karaoke.. we abide by Disney rules there, so if it is 21 or older, that answers that question.. I did see children at Karaoke when we were there and it is probably because it is a restaurant as well that they were allowed to be there.. Anyone can participate in the non-convention events.. Hope that helps.
Hi Magickndm,

I used a wheelchair during my trip to the DIS CON. I am pretty mobile on my own two legs as long as I can keep moving so I use the chair when I know I am going to be doing a lot of standing. I also went solo to the DISCON which was a new experience. Everybody was real helpful and usually I was roaring down the path in front of them (they all know now to not get in front of me at Space Mountain or they will get run over LOL) although I did need a few pushes as the day wore on. There were several other people there that had wheelchairs or used scooters. I stayed at the AS Movies and just drove my car over to the Yacht club in the morning, had the valets put the gate up and parked in handicapped parking there for the day. It is right across from the bus stop at the Yacht club so that worked out great. Everything convention wise was real accessible and like I said everybody chipped in and pushed when needed. It was really great.

Send me a PM if you have any other questions or just post them here or on the DISabilities board. I am usually hanging out somewhere on the DIS during the day.

Welcome aboard and hope to see you in December.


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