questions about tickets at US..


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Jan 29, 2001
would it be easier to buy tickets off property, or should I purchase them when we get to the hotel on-site? If I got the vouchers instead of tickets before our trip, would it be a pain to exchange them for the tickets when we get there? I have heard that the window for that tends to be extremely slow.

Joline :rolleyes:
I guess it depends on what type of tickets you are getting. During the holidays I purchased tickets at our AAA office, they gave me regular park tickets, all the kids had to do was go in. I have recently purchased the FL resident super pass from AAA, that was a only took us a few minutes in line (and that was the last day of Mardi Gras...the park was packed)...the part that took the longest was going over and getting our picture taken for our permanent card. Other than that...they keep the lines moving very quickly, and if I don't have to stand in the line to buy tickets, I don't...AAA is much quicker most days. Have a great trip! ;)


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