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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by hookedup, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Jul 10, 2002
    We have someone who we rent points from and we are trying to get a trip firmed up, but our only choice available for our dates is AKL. We have absolutely no experience with AKL. I am not sure if I should go ahead a book it our use our SPG points and book the Dolphin instead. It is just 3 of us (me, dh and ds 9) so we usually book a studio.
    Since I am so unfamiliar with this property I am leery of booking it. Anything I should be aware of? Are there questions I should be asking before I book it (not about the booking process - about what type of room)? THANKS!!
  2. hakepb

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    Apr 19, 2008
    If your DS likes animals, an AKV savannah view studio may be the most amazing trip, ever! It's just another league of vacation when the kids entertainment extends into the room. (That said, animals are not there all 24 hours, but they are there at feeding times that vary from section to section. As long as you have a decent variety of times spent in the room, it will be really enjoyable.)

    AKV is argueably the most unique and complete Disney theme. There's grand mountain lodges, grand Victorian hotels, modern hotels at other locations... but where else in America can you stay in a themed African lodge on an actual savannah?
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  4. Ln42

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    Jul 1, 2009
    We just returned from AKL and have an 8 yr old son who loved it there! We usually stay at the Poly but tried this for a change. We rented a car as it is located a bit further away. I highly recommend a studio with Savanah view. He would wake each day and keep track of which animals he saw on his morning safari!

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!
  5. Dawn68PA

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    Nov 12, 2007
    We stayed at AKV - Jambo in November 2008 and loved it! My trip report gives a lot of detail if you'd like to read it - the link is in my signature. Having animals outside your room is just amazing. I sat out there often just enjoying their presence.

    The lodge is absolutely stunning. You can walk around and see all the artifacts, listen to storytime at the rear of the lodge and they have kids programs, a zero entry pool and excellent food options.

    HTH! :)
  6. disneynutz

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    Dec 11, 2006
    You won't be sorry and this is just one vacation out of many. Take some time to scan the various AKV threads for additional information.

    :) Bill
  7. coppertopmom

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    Jul 26, 2003
    Just returned from a trip (our first) to Kidani Village. There is a difference between staying at Jambo and staying at Kidani. Kidani has no real lobby, there is no real wandering around the lobby looking at things. He seemed remote. Store was already closed when we got back at night, bar closed early (bar is part of restaurant). Room service took one hour and even the server said "I hope I didn't forget anything, this is so far away". That walk back to the room was a boring nightmare, much worse at night when the windows are like big black holes with nothing to look at. I was disappointed in Kidani's vibe, my home resort is Beach Club and we are frequent Wilderness Lodge Villa guests.
  8. ToddyLu

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    Jun 6, 2008
    That is what makes Disney so cool, something for everyone. The lobby of Kidani is not as exciting as the larger yet nosier, busier Jambo. It has a warmer more intimate feel. We loved looking out our patio at the cattle in the moonlight. There were 5-6 of them huddled together on the ground and stayed there all night. If you want African excitment like a marketplace...pick Jambo...if you want African relaxation and vibe pick Kidani. We didn't use room service so I cannot say what our experience was there. The store was open until 11 and then opened in the a.m. around 7 or 8. Yep the walk can be a bit much if you are staying down the hallway a bit. But so can BLT getting off the monorail, through the CR lobby, across the sky bridge up the elevator to your room.

    Never been to the BC, but would love to be able to take my Father to WL one day...the minute he walked in there, he said, "now this is Me and where I would like to stay".
  9. Anal Annie

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    Dec 8, 2006
    We are slowly working our way thru trying all of the DVC resorts. We stay somewhere different each trip so that each trip is unique in some way. We've already done Jambo (which we LOVE) and are trying Kidani in March. I hear the villas at Kidani are really nice & the pool & splash play area are outstanding for kids!:thumbsup2 I think we will miss having the Mara CS restaurant right there and dining at Boma but I am looking forward to our dinner at Sanaa. The food at the AKV property is outstanding. I think between the animals & pool areas that your DS will really like it there. WE do not usually book the savannah rooms but try to save on points and book standard or value units.
  10. dgaston

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    May 23, 2001
    Jambo studios in standard and savanna view are all lock-offs. Kidani does have some dedicated studios, which means there is no connecting door to a one-bedroom. Jambo has the advantage of CS restaurant, but Kidani has a splash area for kids, and a better pool slide (imho). The park buses load first at Kidani, while Downtown Disney buses load first at Jambo. The ends of the two resorts are about a 5 - 10 minute walk apart, but if you're on the Pembe savanna it will be much longer. Another difference is that all Jambo rooms (except Concierge) are on the 5th floor, while in Kidani you can be on the
    2nd to 4th floor. Parking is underneath the building at Kidani, a real boon in hot seasons.

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