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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by MikeScott8, Feb 14, 2003.

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    Oct 15, 2001
    OK here is the situation.

    DW and I will be taking family down Jan 2004. We own at VWL and BCV, but want to stay at OKW for lower point usage. We won't know what dates until next month sometime when DSIL and her DBF gets thier timeoff. I am thinking of making ressie as soon as we know the dates, but to do this we would have to borrow extra points (more than we will for the OKW stay).

    If I borrow the extra points and then at 7month window switch to OKW, I will have to use the borrowed points and then bank current points? is this correct

    Now should I do this or wait until the 7 month window and borrow JUST the points I need then? I know Jan is fairly slow for DVC (right?) and OKW does have lots of villas so it should not be a problem getting the 2br villa at 7 month mark (right?)

    OK so it is a lot of questions :teeth:

    hopefully someone can help an newer member out. I have only made one ressie so far.

  2. CarolMN

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    Either way you suggest will work. My advice is to just wait until the 7 month window opens and make the reservation then. As you say, OKW has the most villas and January is not especially difficult to book (unless you want weekdays in a GV). I'd bet that you won't even need the wait list. If you wait until the 7th month window, you will retain the maximum flexibility for your points. As you know, if you bank points, they cannot be banked again and will definitely expire at the end of their "new" use year.

    That said, if it makes you uncomfortable not knowing absolutely for sure that you will have a place to stay, or if you cannot see yourself able to stand "waiting for the waitlist", go ahead and make the reservation at your home resort now and switch at 7 months. You don't anticipate a problem using the points you'd have to bank next year anyway, right??? :teeth: :teeth:

    Best wishes,

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