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Oct 1, 2001
If I bought a resale worth 200 points with a Sept use year that had 200 points banked from 2001 am I right to understand that my 200 banked points from 2001 would be available Sept 1,2002 and I would also get my 200 points for 2002 for a total of 400. If this is correct would I be able to make a reservation for Nov 2002 before Sept 1,2002? Thanks.
Yes to every question. Sep 2001 points are those issued Sep 1, 2001. When banked they are to be used for a trip from Sep 2002 to Oct 2003. You then get a new allotment in Sep 2002. You can make a ressie 11 months out at home resort or 7 at other using those points. Thus, for November 2002 trip you could call now if it is your home resort; in April if other resort.
You are correct, on Sept 1st 2002 you will have the 200 points banked from 2001 plus the 200 points for the 2002 year.

You can make the ressie for November 2002 before the points are in you account, you only need to have the point in your account when you USE them. You also must be within the proper reservation window, 11 months for a ressie at your home resort, or 7 months at a non-home resort.
Thanks. That is what I was hoping (that I just needed the points to be in my account before my actual stay).

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