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Alright, heres the stupid question, I am going to IOA in 1 month. I was thinking about riding the Hulk coaster, but I have never rode a coaster this intense before. I am asking those who have rode the hulk, I am wondering if this will be too intense for me, I don't get carsick,airsick, or seasick, think i'll have a problem?

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My dh says it's a really smooth coaster which is really good. I am not a coaster fan so this ride would be way to intense for my, but my dh loved it. He aslo went on the dueling dragons and although it was also pretty smooth it was pretty intense. He actually had to sit for a while and does not plan to go on it again.
Ok thanks jodyo, just one question, which one did your DH have to sit for awhile and not plan on going on again? (was it Hulk or Dueling Dragons)?
Any more opinions on the Hulk are welcome.
this is my rule on any ride- you try anything once- if you love it do it more times-if you hate it- you will never be left wondering
by the way- i love it and it is really NOT intence- from the ground though you WILL be scared.

bring the hulk on!
If you are going to do it, do it right away, and don't stand there watching looks much worse from the ground than it actually is. It did not make me feel sick, just a little light headed...but then again, I had not eaten anything so that may have caused the light-headedness. I'm 40 and a whimp, and it was actually kind of fun! I would ride it again.
Anne and I have a lot in common. I too am a 40 year old wimp.
But, how can you go to IOA and NOT DO THE HULK??
It's one of those things that if you don't do it, you will regret it.
If you don't get motion sickness, then there's nothing to question. It does look much worse from the ground. It's over so quickly!
I say "go for it". You only live once.
Hulk intimidating? hardly. Actually, I wasn't impressed with it..compared with Duelling Dragons. :D


I miss my Christi-bear. :(

My girlfriend usually hates coasters, but she loved the Hulk enough to ride it three times. I personally love it, and ride it as many times as I can. Sure, it's a little intense, but then again, that's the whole point of a roller coaster. :D

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My relationship w/ coasters is a love/hate one. I'm terrified in line for any coaster then I ride it & I'm fine. In my opinion, the DD are more intense than the Hulk. There are more rollovers plus I usually ride Fire & Ice back to back, maybe that's it - too much all at once. The Hulk, like DD, is over before you know it. I like the launch in Hulk better than creeping up the hill on DD, building my anxiety. Try the Hulk, you'll probably like it.


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