Quarter Masters Arcade


Earning My Ears
Sep 20, 2000
Do the games in the arcade take quarters or do you use your room key card to scan in credit's to play the games.I know you don't need cash on ship everything is to be charged to your room so you dont need cash .But I didn't want my kids racking up big bucks in the arcade .I know you can set a limit on kids also .But would like to know to account for the arcade a head of time.
sailing on Wonder May 9 2002- May 12 2002.
Amerisuites May3 2002 - May 9 2002
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You'll use your Room Card to buy arcade game cards in $10 intervals. They are bought at the arcade. If the kids have charging privledges, be careful here. A cast member told us of one young girl that bought 30 cards ($300) in a bout a 10 minute time period and gave them to all of her new friends.
You use your KTTW card (your room key) to purchase "value" cards which are used in the machines. Once the person has used up all the "value" on the card, they need to purchase a new card.

If you are worried about the kids, then don't give them charging priv's on the room card.

We gave our kids charging priv's (we felt they were responsible enough to handle it, and we discussed what was appropriate usage) and only had one minor problem (with spending at the arcade of course) which we discussed, and the problem didn't happen again.
When I was on the Wonder a year ago, the machines at quarter masters were broken on the second day out. I can tell you it really didn't bother me but boy were my kids mad...but five minutes later they were on to something else.
Hi, I just have a quick question and I sure do hope someone can help me out with this one. How many games do you get to play for a $10 card?? are they $ .25 or like $ .50 cents a game?? thanks!! :)

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We cruised in Nov 00, and to the best of my recollection, the games were all .50 or more.

In regards to the "machines" breaking down - I think the poster was probably referring to the arcade card machines breaking down. I believe there was only one (of 2) working when we cruised. You may be able to get arcade cards from guest services in that case, I know we went to them when we had a problem with our card and I think they just gave us a new one. It's a fairly small room, maybe about 20 games, including an air hockey table, but I doubt all the games would be broken at once. One or two might have been out of service when we cruised.

Hate to sound cheap, but how are the games at the Lab? There isn't a charge for them is there? Are the Lab and the Arcade near each other? Maybe I can keep it a secret from my kids till near the end of the cruise. My DS alone could rack up hundreds by the end of a 7 day cruise!!


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