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Feb 28, 2020
Hi All!

I see so many questions on here about proposals, so I wanted to give a brief review of my son's proposal last night at Magic Kingdom.

He knew that he wanted to propose in front of the castle, and I knew that I wanted good pictures. I took advantage of the new Capture Your Moment offering. I booked 2 back-to-back sessions, which should have been a total of 40 minutes of photography for $100. I got to the check in location (Tony's Town Square) a few minutes before my son and his girlfriend arrived and explained to the photographers that it was a proposal. They basically took it from there.

When my son and his girlfriend arrived, they walked us down toward the castle. We stopped just in front and to the right of the Partners statue where there is a railing and some hanging baskets. There was a photographer and then an assistant who kept people from walking into the shots. On the third or fourth shot, they set up with they cryptically call the "Cinderella Magic Shot" where they turned my son's girlfriends back to him and he kneeled. They then told her to turn around... and then captured everything. We had family and friend hiding in the crowds that came forward and we then took more pictures in that same location. Afterward, we walked over to the Plaza garden area and did more shots with props (some I provided, and some the photographers had), and then went to Center street off of Main Street USA for even more shots. The photographers were fantastic and completely into it. Finally, after an hour of taking pictures, I told them we were good and needed to get to dinner (we had reservations at BOG).

The pictures are only available if you have Memory Maker. My son has an AP, so they just scanned his magic band and we didn't have to buy anything extra. The photographs are seriously beautiful and it couldn't have been a more perfect experience!

Now it's time to start saving for their Disney wedding. So happy I'm the mother of the groom.
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Aug 24, 2006
Thanks for sharing details of your experience! This is really helpful!


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May 7, 2018
Thank you for this. I could picture it in my head just reading. Very special. I hope they are still doing this type of set up

EDIT: Opps, a year later.. Still special ;]

Does capture your moment show up in the MDE though when booked?
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