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Earning My Ears
Sep 16, 2000
After much thinking, I may just get a hotel room thru Priceline, but before I do, I have a few questions to ask if you don't mind answering them.

1) As I am a Canadian, is there a special URL for Canadian signups? I tried signing up, but it didn't have Canadian provinces in the drop down menu for state.

2) When you bid and book the hotel thru Priceline, and your bid is successful, does your credit card get charged the whole amount of the hotel stay that you bid on, or just the deposit/first night?

3) Is there a minimum amount that you can bid on a hotel, or can you bid as you wish?

4) Are there only certian hotels that you can get thru Priceline, and what would you recommend??

5) Any other advice for a Priceline newbie?

Thanks in advance for your help,

I heard of other Canadians who have used Priceline. There is a URL for Canadians (, but it redirects to the regular site :(. I'd call Priceline and see what they say. I *know* it can be done, I just don't know how ...

The URL above is to TravelSheryl's Priceline site and it will help answer a lot of your questions. Make sure to read the Hotels FAQ. I printed it out the first time I read it becuase there is just so much there! Post a message in the DL board over there when you're ready to bid if you want some help. Be aware that the $20 AMEX bonus expires at the end of the month, so you'll want to firm up your plans and bid soon if you have an AMEX card.

FWIW, I just got the 3* Hilton Suites near Disneyland for only $24 per night (plus $20 AMEX bonus). It is an all-suites property with free parking, a free made-to-order breakfast, and a free shuttle to the parks. The other 3* hotels which have come up on Priceline are the Amaheim Marriott, the Hilton Anaheim, the Hyatt and the Westcoast Anaheim.

-- Robin

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