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    May 9, 2009
    Before checking out of POP in September, 2012, I booked a free dining bounceback for August, 2013 at POP. 2012 was our third year in a row at POP. I had been thinking about lowering the number of days and switching ressie to POFQ for a change in 2013. Even though POFQ is more $$ than POP, I figured with the $$ being saved not having to upgrade to the regular dining plan from the quick service, things would even out.

    So, last night I go onto the Disney website, enter the dates, POFQ, 8 day tickets with hoppers and water park option and get a price of $2400, which is lower than my original ressie of $2700. Then I call Disney to change everything. After being on hold for awhile, I get a CM explain what I want to do. She says she has to transfer me somewhere else, back on hold I go. I then get another CM, explain everything again. He says no problem, hold while I contact guest services . He comes back on the line and says that everything is taken care of. My new total is over $3000!! I tell him that there is no way that total is correct because I have what I want on my laptop for $2400. Puts be back on hold, comes back and says that his total is correct. Again, I say not it's not. Back on hold, comes back and asks me if I want to talk to the woman in Guest Services. Yes, I do. She takes over the call and says that she will double check her calculation and says that she is incorrect, and I get my trip for $2400.

    So, the wind-up of this lengthy post is....If I wouldn't have raised the issue over the price difference, I would be paying $3000 instead of $2400. I just want to warn others to double check their quotes. Anyone else have this problem??
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    Oct 10, 2009
    I've had that problem too. I tell them the offer code and they look it up and give me what I see on the website. A few years ago, the CM couldn't see what I saw and told me to book on line. I did with no problem.
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    Oct 27, 2007
    Yes I had that problem recently and also had to be transferred to guest services . I had a free dining pin and the cast member I was speaking to was quoting me 1400 more than I was seeing on the website. She said she was entering the pin code and that's what it was giving her. She tried a few more times and then got it fixed with guest services.
    I am assuming this has something to do with all the problems they are having with the website lately. It's worth pricing it out for yourself so that you have an exact number before calling.

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