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    We are planning on staying at POR (2 rooms) end of May and I was wondering if when you check in you can put gift cards on the accounts so you have "credit" on the account for room charging. I don't want to have to carry around gift cards every where we go and I didn't want to have a "bill" at the end of the stay. Also, if we can put the giftcards for "credit", what happens if you have money left over, do they just refund it back to you in cash or have to put it back on the gift card.

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    I wasn't able to. I tried to at Boardwalk Villas in October, and at Kidani Village in January. I was told twice at BWV, and once at KV that you can only put gift cards on your account when you have a balance on the account (no prepayment). I was also told all 3 times that if you paid more than you owed, and had a credit balance at the end of your stay, you forfeited any remaining money on your account.

    You may get a CM that tells you something different, but I tried to prepay with my gift cards at the beginning of both stays, only to be told that I couldn't. It really is no big deal to just put a credit card on the account, charge everything to your room, and then go down during your stay and apply your gift cards to your balance.
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    We weren't able to put the gift cards on our account, but the night before we checked out we went to the front desk to settle our account and we payed with gift cards at that time. We did have to put a credit card down when we checked in and that was used to cover our charges once the gift cards ran out. Hope that helps :)
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    You can't put gift cards on as a credit. You can apply them to your room before you arrive. You can also do as the PP suggested and apply them to room charges throughout your stay.

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