Possible first timer...need help!


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Apr 23, 2000
DH and I are thinking about possibly doing a disney cruise next spring when I graduate from law school. We know nothing about cruises! LOL! So I have some questions!

What does the price include (ie, are meals included?)?
How early should we book?
What rooms are best?
What other info should I know that would help my decision?
In other words, convince me to cruise instead of just doing WDW!

Hi Skuttle -

I'll answer some of your questions -

The price of the cruise includes almost everything.
You get all of your meals, including snacks and room service
Your entertainment on board the ship
Your cabin
Soda pop served at the full service restaurants that are fountain drinks.

What you have to pay extra for:
All alcoholic beverages
Spa expenses
Shore excursions
Photographs you purchase taken by the Shutters staff
Soda pop outside of meal times and all soda that is served in a can.
An additional service charge of $5 for dining at Palo's restaurant, which is the optional restaurant.

You will need money to pay gratuities for:
Cabin Steward
Asst Server
Head Server
this can be charged to your account on board

You will need cash money to tip the person that delivers your room service order.

I think that's all of the expenses involved, if I left something out, someone else can help.

It's best to book your cruise as early as possible to insure that you get the cabin accomodatuions that you want and also to get the best 'Early Booking Savings' discount.

The level or type of cabin is a personal choice. Some are perfectly happy with an inside cabin, others want an ocean view cabin, others want a veranda cabin, and there are still others that want a suite with concierge service.

My personal preference is for a veranda cabin. We love to sit on the veranda during the late evening hours and also for the croissants and coffee delivered by room service in the morning.

Cruising on DCL is an incredible experience and most that experience it want to come back again and again. We are booked on our fifth cruise and we're planning a sixth one. It isn't just for families with children, it works for couples as well.

Hope that helps.
The cruise is FANTASTIC! I sugest that you either call or go on the Disney web site and request copies of the cruise trip planning video and the cruise brochure. Next you'll have to decide whether to take the 3 day, 4 day or 7 day cruise. We took the 4 day last year (and have our second one booked for 9/8/02) the 4 day gives you enough time to enjoy the ship, all the terrific shows and activities, and the ultimate --Castaway Cay, Disney's private Island. Which was the best part of the cruise for us. We like the 4 day because then we'll visit WDW for 4 days after the cruise. When you get the video and see how beautiful the ship is and how much fun it looks, your decision won't be too hard. It really is a wonderful cruise.
Just one word of warning - CRUISING IS ADDICTIVE!! But what a great addiction. You'll have a great time - go for it!

Thanks everyone! I ordered the video and the brochure. :)

If we want to do land and sea, is it best to do the package offered by the cruise line or do it myself?
skuttle...price the trip out both ways and you will probably find by booking WDW and the cruise separately comes out cheaper. Plus by booking seperately it gives you more flexibility in what resort you want to stay in at WDW. If you buy the package, DCL gives you a few choices of resorts that correlate to what cabin category you chose.

You might want a suite on the ship but stay at All Stars at WDW. If you bought the land/sea package, that might not be possible.

Check out www.mousesavers.com and look for codes that you can use on rooms only at WDW at certain times of the year. The of the "code" rates at WDW are fantastic and much cheaper than booking the land/sea pkg. Also, you may find airfare much cheaper than what DCL offers. If you buy DCL air, transfers are included. If you buy your own air you can still puchase Disney transfers.

For more DCL info check out these great sites.



Hope this gets you started. As another poster said...DCL crusing is addictive...we have sailed 4 times already with #5 on 2/23 and #6 booked for 7/03!



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