Poseidon's Fury


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Jul 23, 2000
Having never been to IOA, this is the attraction that I understand the least...partly because of such mixed reviews.

The Unofficial Guide rates it a 4 star and Frommer rates it as an A+. Recent posts on this board have called it "pointless" and "awful". Any idea what accounts for this discrepancy? Obviously everybody has unique opinions... but it seems unusual to have an attraction that receives such polar opposite reviews..
It might be because there is a live actor involved. What makes or breaks the show for me is which actor I get, and how well that particular actor is doing on that particular show. Some stick to the script word for word and just seem to plod through it, while some really get into it and seem to enjoy doing it.

There's a lot of timing involved, as well as a couple major effects that, if not done properly or not at all, can keep the show from being as good as it can be.

I for one love the show, and always make sure to see it every time I go. I didn't completely follow the story the first time I saw it, and I walked away happy, but not overly so. The second time I saw it, I payed closer attention and got a lot more out of it. It can be hard to hear some of the dialogue in the main theater sometimes. This might also account for some of the negative reviews.

Give it a shot, and be sure to pay attention to everything going on in the theater, not just on the "screens."

Hope this helps!


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