pool at contemporary


Earning My Ears
Jan 4, 2002
can anyone tell me about the pools at the CR?? Are they heated? Is there a kiddie/wading pool? Any info good or bad would be great. thanks linda
The contemporary has two pools ,one has a slide,if the search button is working you can look up pools,there was pics at one time. :sunny:
Um, webray, I'm pretty sure there's still a slide at the main pool, though I haven't been on it since 1998. And Linda, yes, the pool is heated and there is a hot tub. It's supposed to be one of the larger main pools at the hotels, although I think AKLs is bigger now. I've read that there is no longer a kiddie pool, but my kids did fine in the main pool. In fact, we got life jackets from the marina area to put on our younger kids to wear on the slide, and we could stand near the bottom of the slide and scoop them up as soon as they spashed. It's not a huge slide, but pretty big by resort pool standards. If you get food from the snack bar, guard it from the aggressive seagulls. They would steal food right from our kids plates with the kids sitting there if my husband and I were not there to shoo them away. When we were there, in March '97 and Feb '98 it was never crowded at all. Seems like we have been the only people in a couple of times.

The pool at the Comtempo is pretty nice. Yes, it is heated and it has a slide, but it's not that good. If you want to see a spectacular pool and an awesome slide, head on over to StormAlongBay at the YC / BC!
i know one of the pools have a slide and overlooks the lagoon.. i love the view! because you can see Wilderness Lodge and River Country and passing boats going by..very neat

The two pools are definately nicely heated! We went swimming there at night twice in January and it was very warm. There was steam coming off it in little "swirls" since it was about 40 degrees out. Overall, We really enjoyed the pools. The smaller, round pool is deeper than the pool with the slide. :)
The Contemporary has a very nice pool. The main one has a slide (FUN :D) and several areas with small fountains within the pool. The smaller pool near the docks is circular and deeper towards the middle. I've stayed at the Beach Club and the Contemporary and found both enjoyable. The Contemporary pool was much less crowded and has a great view looking out onto Bay Lake.


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