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    Jan 28, 2004
    We are currently new memebers. We are awaiting the final closing and the recording of the deed, We have 80 points borrowed from 2003 that must be use by 6/01/05. We will receive 80 more points in June of 2004 when our use year begins. My questions:
    1) Will we (DW and I) be allowed to book a reservation at a WDW vacation club site using the 160 points for this summer.?
    2) Will there be any one bed room places avaiable fo summer use at one of the WDW vation club sites if we book in late Feb.?
    Our home resort is Vero beach
    Thanks .
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    Nov 22, 2000
    Yes, you will have 160 points to be used between now and 6/01/05. As soon as you are closed, you can call and make that ressie. I would assume you will be able to find something you can use, but have some specific times and unit sizes in mind and also a couple of resorts before you call. If your first choices are not available when you want to go, ask what is, and it should be able to be done.

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