Please help me, I need to decide between 2 different strollers


Viva Latvia!
Feb 18, 2001
Please help me decide! I have 2 choices for strollers, my DH will read this post so please the more responses to help us the better! My DD 2 1/2 will be in the stoller. Here are my 2 choices:

#1) Step up from basic umbrella stoller
Has basket underneath and canopy on top
light weight
The box states can fit in airplane overhead compartment, so we would bring it on the plane.

#2) Basic stoller,(collcraft Dakota I think)
Folds more compact than regular stoller
Has removable snack tray for child, incl cupholder
Has basket underneath and canopy,
The back reclines
The parent has a tray with cup holder
Is definetely heavier than #1
Is not as compact as #1 and could not be put in above luggage compartment.

So basicly for $30 more dollars the #2 stoller has the 2 trays and reclines. But is heavier, and I am worried about damage on the airplane. Is it worth the extra $ or should we go with the more basic stroller that would be easier to lug around the WDW transportation? I would greatly appreciate any and all comments. Thank you very much! Vija
With a 2 1/2 year old, I would definately recommend option #2. The little one will nap better in a reclining stroller. Our DD took daily naps on her WDW trips, at 2 and 3 years old, right in the stroller on many occasions. This stroller would also be handy for night time trips to Downtown Disney - again, the sleeping thing.

Another selling point of stroller #2 is the parent cup-holders. Really a nice treat. The basket underneath is probably a bit bigger, as well.

The canopies on the umbrella strollers always seemed a little thin to keep much sun away, so there is selling point #3 for stroller #2.

Most importantly, take your little one on a test drive of each stroller in the store. The final choice should be the one that's most comfy for you and the kiddie!

Don't worry about the plane - I've been gate-checking our strollers for many flights without incident. The stroller gets more banged-up by me pulling it in and out of my car!


Judie B
I have a Combi Savvy that fits easily down the aisle of an airplane and folds to fit in the overhead compartment. When I got it five years ago they always let me take it on the plane. Since the big crackdown on carry-ons was instituted, for the last two or so years, I have never once been able to take it on the plane. The attendants always make me gate check it. This has happened on every airline that we have flown. So I don't think you should count on being able to put a stroller in the overhead compartment. Maybe that will help you decide.
Since you have a 2 1/2YO, I'd also go with option #2. The reclining seat will be very handy if you can get her to sleep while you're in the parks. We found a Graco MetroLite that's made for traveling. It's a little more money ($99), but it had everything that we wanted on it. Click here for a better description

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Absolutely #2. EVEN IF it's more of a hassle on the plane than the other're only going to be on the plane on your way there and back...but figure how long you'll be at Disney and how often you'll need a good stroller while you're there.
Another vote for stoller #2. The recline feature is a big seller for me, it may be heavier, bulkier, but most likely more comfortable for the little one. Make sure to mention at check-in that you want to gate check it too.
I am also buying a new stroller for my 2 1/2 yr old DS. The one thing i will make sure it has is a big basket, and cup holder. I will also make sure it lays down so he can nap while we are in the parks. Michelle


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