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Earning My Ears
Jul 7, 2000
In July (yes I know it will be hot) I am taking my 5, 10 and almost 12 year old niece and nephews to Disney for their first time. I need any tips. I will be the only adult with them, so I am concerned about times when one or two want to ride and others don't - can we all stand in line togetger, ect.? What should I prepare for that I might not be aware of?


Our boys were 7 & 10 when we first went and I drilled into them what to do if we got seperated.That was my biggest fear!I told them to look for a CM,that they all wore the same kind of shirt(I made sure to point one out when we entered a park)and to tell one of them right away that their Mom and Dad were lost.DON'T tell them to look for someone with a name badge as lot's of regular folks get them to wear as a souvineer.

You can all go through the line together,and then some can take the "chicken" exit(I only call it that 'cause everyone else does).I think every ride and attraction has this.We went to ITTBAB and got into the theatre when our youngest decided he did NOT want to see it,so he and I left before the show started.
Although my situation was a bit different due to the fact that I had three more adults with me, I went to the World last October with my 8 and 12 year old nephews and my 10 year old niece. Here are some tips:

Make sure you get a medical release signed by a parent for each of the kids in case of emergency.

Have the kids read the book Disney for kids, by kids-it was wonderful!! I had my "charges" read it a couple of months ahead of time and encouraged them to write down the top five things they wanted to do in each park. That way I could plan in advance including their choices.

Have a meeting or two before you even reach Disney...even if it is by email. Let the kids know the rules you have set out ahead of time-for us, we had a "no soda" rule before dinner and bedtimes were always spelled out....This leads me into my next tip-

PLAN,PLAN,PLAN!! I think I went overboard a bit but with kids I'm not sure if there's such a thing. Yes, be flexible but have a plan in place before you even step on Disney ground. I had bedtimes and wake times printed up on a schedule and went over each day the night before. We also had a list of things that each child needed to bring with him/her that day depending on what we were doing: waterpark-bathing suit, camera, snacks, etc. Each child had to check off with an adult (we were lucky to have at least one adult per child and each child got an adult buddy for the day to ride with and be "responsible" for!) before we left our rooms.

Take LOTS of pictures!!!! I know you know this already but this is such a precious time with your nephew(s)and niece(s) especially if you don't have kids of your own. I spent so much time with my oldest nephew especially (did an E-night with just him) and it thrills me to remember him at such a vulnerable age being able to act like a kid!

Send an email postcard to Mom/Dad when you are in Epcot.

Definately liked your idea about pointing out who to go to in case of getting lost...this happened to us with my 8 yr. old nephew after we got of the POC!! Scared me to death!! We stopped in a store and he kept going to the next ride! Luckily, when he found himself without his party, he walked up to a CM and told them he was lost and was just on a boat ride with pirates! :)

Make sure you keep track of Passes especially with the Fastpass-kids can lose them very easily.
(Another story...)

Have a wonderful time!! IVY
great tips ! I love the "For kids by kids" book too. And I agree to round up thoses tickets as soon as you are through the turnstyles.


don't leave home without it!

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A little different situation, but we came up with what I THINK is a good idea. Two of us are taking a group of 20 elementary school kids to MGM. Of course, we are worried about the kids getting lost, so we will carry our cell phones and give each kid a piece of paper that has our cell numbers on them. If they get lost they will be told to find a cast member and give them that piece of paper. Hopefully, this will help the cast members track us down.
We are also childless and "rent" kids to take to WDW. We took our friends 15 year old who had never been to WDW. Make sure your kids know the bathroom rules on the airplane. My charge had to go to the bathroom so bad on the trip back home, but we were decending and I wouldn't let him out of his seat. Make sure they know the seatbelt rules and plan their bathroom stops accordingly.
The trip was great. We stayed in the Wilderness Trailers, DH and two boys 15 and 21. We had the murphy bed and the boys had the bedroom.

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