Planning honeymoon trip from NZ :)

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by kahrani, Apr 4, 2013.

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    I'm new to DisBoards, which I stumbled on whilst researching our possible trip to WDW for our honeymoon. Very helpful forums :)

    I've been to WDW once back in 1991 (I was about 7), when I lived in the UK. My fiance has never been (everything is so far away from NZ!) but we did spend a couple of days at DL Paris last year when we were travelling and he loved that. I thought what better place to spend our honeymoon than WDW, being in the Disney bubble and experiencing the great service etc, and me being a bit of a Disney freak. A bit different from the usual pacific island/australia honeymoons that didn't overly appeal to us. The flights from NZ actually make staying in a deluxe resort seem pretty reasonable - fiance balked a bit when I said how much flights were, but I did a search for the same dates from home to the UK and it was actually slightly more expensive so he realised it wasn't too bad.

    We are getting married on 21st December, so planning on spending Christmas with family and then flying to Florida on 29th December and returning on 10th January. I'm looking at renting DVC points, but won't know until 7 months out which resort we get (hoping for BC, but AKV or VWL or BWV all look great too). So we'll see. Realistically could only afford a mod resort if we don't rent DVC. I'm tossing up between getting the DxDP or putting the equivalent money on a gift card, but not sure how to get a gift card either. We will be booking quite a few signature meals and I'd like to go to a few dinner shows etc so we'd probably make it worth while but I'm not totally sure yet.

    One thing I wanted to check is whether the resorts are 24hr check-in? I'd like to take a flight leaving on the 29th that arrives at about 11.40pm so we aren't going to be at WDW until probably almost 1am (due to time difference we gain a day travelling). Will this flight be ok? Only other options arrive around 4pm or so on the 30th and mean having to stay in a hotel overnight in Brisbane, LA or SF on our way over. I think I'd rather arrive late at Disney and go straight to bed to wake up in Disney all ready for the day, than lose pretty much another day getting there. We most likely will have to stay in SF on the way back - but I like SF, been there before. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?
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    Welcome to Disboards. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. WDW resorts are 24 hr check in. Renting DVC points is a viable option, but the resorts you mentioned will be in high demand over the busy New Year period, with the possible exception of SSR. After New Year there should be more availability. I have never used the DDP, so will let others comment on that. I use the TIW (Tables In Wonderland) which gives you 20% off food and drink at most Table Service locations, but you have to be a Florida Resident, DVC Member or Annual Pass holder to purchase the card. Whatever decisions you make, I know you will have a Magical time.

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