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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Smiling Cheshire Cat, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Smiling Cheshire Cat

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    Feb 16, 2009
    I have so many questions I hardly know where to begin! DH, DD12, and I are visiting DL from 9/15-9/23. DH has a work conference from Sunday to Wednesday. We are staying at a neighboring hotel within walking distance of DL and then moving to the Disneyland hotel for the last 4 nights of our stay.

    We visited DL about 8 years ago and stayed 10 days. We didn't go anywhere else in Southern California and were totally satisfied making sure we got to do everything. At that time we had Premier passes since we also try to frequent WDW but I had sticker shock when I saw how much the price has increased. So since that is not an option for us my first question is- Is a five-day pass really the maximum number of days I can purchase? If not which day of the week would you skip visiting the park- Monday and Tuesday?We plan to head into LA and see a Dodgers game on one of those days.

    We also plan to go to the Halloween party one night. Our choices are the premier night on Wednesday 9/19 or Friday 9/21. Would either day be better than the other?

    Are dining reservations necessary like they are at WDW and if so how long should I wait to make them?
    Places we are considering are Carthay Circle, Plaza Inn for breakfast, Napa Rose, Carnation Café, and PCH grill for dinner.

    Can you tell me how the magic mornings work with our split stay? I know one will be included with our ticket but are these also for all Disney resort guests? So does that mean I should use one while we are staying at DH's work hotel?

    Would there be any benefit to buying Max Pass since we are planning such a long stay?

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    Yes, 5 nights is the max, and I’d make sure your party day is not a park day so you get in six times.

    I’d probably do the Friday night party so they’d worked out some kinks and so you have more ride time after the party fireworks, but that assumes you guys would stay until midnight. The Wednesday party would be an hour earlier.

    DL dining reservations open 60 days out but they’re pretty casual about that. You want to book once you know what you want, but other than maybe the Plaza Inn, a lot of those would probably still have availability a week or two in advance.

    You’ll use your MM one of your first days since you get EMH every day on site.

    Maxpass is life, but you don’t necessarily need it, and you could easily just buy it for two-three of your days if you wanted. Maybe have one person buy it the other days for photos. I’d try it the first day and then assess how much you want or would use it from there.
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  4. TinkerTay

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    Jul 20, 2018
    I’ll actually be there the week before you... :flower:But first, I would check the hours of all possible park days, since some will def be longer hours, if you want to maximize your time in park. Then kinda plan your days from there, but as far as Monday or Tuesday, I would skip Monday for sure. Five-day passes are the longest available now, we use Military Salute, and we have to get 2 3-day tix to make it work for us... I’ve never been to one of the Halloween parties, but personally, I would think the first one wouldn’t necessarily be as busy, since it’s the first one, and on a Weds. (but who knows, it may be sold out) Are you doing a park day the same day, or just the party?
    As far as dinner reservations, you can make them now, if you know what and when you want to eat, and want a guarantee. I don’t usually do res, I’m more of a decide as we go kind of person, lol...
    Also, I think your MM should be used before you switch hotels, as you will get EMH every day you are at DLH, so it’s almost kind of a bonus to get the MM also for the other days. I plan on trying MaxPass this trip, as I didn’t last year, but from everything I’ve read/heard, it’s worth it anytime you use it... but if you’re only gonna get a couple days worth, check and use it on the busiest days. Hope I could help a little bit! Good Luck! :smickey:
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  5. smartlabelprint

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Skip Monday. And then skip Friday if you can do a party that day.
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  6. theluckyrabbit

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    Jul 23, 2012
    If you are sure you want to attend MHP, I would buy the tickets soon (very soon if you decide on the Friday party). A third party just sold out, and all the sold out parties so far are on Fridays.
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  7. LoriLovesDisneyland

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    May 29, 2015
    Yes, 5 day park hoppers are the maximum, but you could also buy a 2 or 3 day park hopper as well if you want more days in the parks. When you stay on-site you get EMH everyday, but it alternates between DL and DCA.
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  8. ExcitedMama

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Has your husband checked if he can get discounted tickets through his conference? When we tag along with DH for his conferences there is a special website for buying discounted tickets.

    You can always cancel the reservations for meals if you change your mind but it’s safer to have them. Especially if you want to do Blue Bayou or a package for entertainment like Fantasmic meals.
  9. only1mouse

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    Most of the restaurants you're looking at, I'd suggest reservations. There's nothing worse than getting there and literally no table service being available .

    Since you're planning on MHP YOU could use that ticket to get in at 3pm and not use one of your 5 days .someone mentioned above 3rd: discounts through your husbands conference. DL offers twilight tickets (entry after 4)

    maxpass is a must inho .
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