Planet Hollywood at DTD - any good?


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Feb 17, 2007
We ate there on our honeymoon 10 years ago and it was fine. We arrive on Labor Day and when I got my confirmation for our CSR Free Dining stay, it says we're getting a $15 voucher for PH. I was thinking we'd try there for dinner and then head over to the Marketplace to pick up our tickets at Guest Services. Does PH take reservations or is it walk-in only like Rain Forest Cafe? Is PH on the DDP? We have one more t/s to book.

Short response.


Don't waste your time or money..... Lousy service, lousy food.
It is ok, the food is like a Fridays, Chilis or Rainforest Cafe type and I do remember the wait and the service was horrible but the food ok.
Personally, I like the Planet Hollywood at DTD...but then again I like Chili's & TGIF too. I LOVE their LA Lasagna, Yummmmm. They don't make reservations during the summer, until after 10:00 pm. :confused: But, another poster was kind enough to share this link that has a coupon for "First Available Seating".

I'm going there for my birthday, the atmosphere is electric....perfect for a celebration!! :woohoo:

Hmmm. I guess I'll see just have to wait until we get there. We won't plan our first evening around that and just see what works out. Thanks for the information.
Service is lousy. Food is OK. I'd take Rainforest Cafe anyday.
It's walk in only ....

Food is ok... but as most said service isn't the greatest... but we loved it when we went just to look at the memorabelia alone was fun...


We didn't enjoy anything about it when we ate there. Too loud, too crowded, terrible service, terrible food. Just our opinion.
There is a REASON you are getting that coupon........ it's the only way to get folks in there LOL!

(And where do they go to cook the food? If I order a burger you aren't suppose to have to kill the cow while I wait!)
We really enjoyed our dinner there last time. We used the coupon W/DDP. It was our first night at Disney and we just wanted burgers and a drink. It was very busy and loud, I do agree. There was a sorority get together on the top level and they kept singing and yelling chants...was annoying at firts but you couldn't help to get into the spirit after a while. My turkey burger was awesome....just what I wanted. Our waitress was super friendly and funny. She got everything out to us fast! We were in and out in less than an hour, which was perfect because we spent the rest of the night cruising DTD. We'd go again. But I do agree with another poster, I'd pick RFC over PH for food and atmosphere, especially if you have kiddos. We've tried just about everything on the RFC menu (we're safari club members) and it's all very tasty!
We go on every trip and have never had a problem. The food is always good and we have never had lousy service. Also, you CAN make an ADR for Planet Hollywood...just call Disney Dining and make a reservation then you don't have to worry about a wait. We made our reservation last night for our October trip. We normally do both RFC and PH, but on our last two trips the service and food at RFC has just not been what we were expecting. We were called in right at our return time, the waitress sat us down and then didn't come back for 25 minutes and all she did was take our drink orders. She finally came back 15 minutes later, took our food order and we waited 45 minutes for our food to come out. When it came it was luke warm, at best, the pasta was severely under cooked, there was hardly any sauce on it at all. Our waitress came back half an hour later, we asked for the check and waited another 15 minutes for it. And no, it was not THAT busy. Actually it was less crowded than the last 3 times we went. Don't know what the problem was that night but it ruined my appetite for RFC. It will be a while before we go back.
:cool1: Keep the bad reviews coming, that way, maybe the lines will be shorter when I get there :rotfl2:

While it's true you can make reservations, I was told by the Disney Dining that during the summer, they will not make reservations for any earlier than 10:00 pm. :confused3
We ate there this April and loved it DD fell in love with the decor immediately Food was great we all had Rib Eye steaks , the tortilla appies were awesome and so were the potato skins, my Key lime pie was delicious. The waiter was great and we had 5 p.m reservations don't know if maybe lunch is walk in but supper definately isn't!!
Well, it's nice to hear *some* positive things about it. If we can get up and get on the road on time and drug the children so they sleep the whole way (just kidding! ;) ) we may hit MGM for EMH and the Playhouse Disney Dance Party and Fantasmic. If we do that, we'll probably grab a quick bite at a c/s. Thanks for the opinions! At least I know what to expect - Applebees/Chili's type food that may be brought by a slow server.

May everyone have good dining wherever you choose! :)
Honestly some friends wanted to go there & I wasn't too keen on it but the food actually was really good. The service was excellent as well and we went at about 5:00pm. We loved all the food too & we got our food literally in less then 8 minutes. Some friends actually got irritated b/c we didn't even make a dent into our salads when we got the food. I would actually urge people to check it out if you've never been, I liked the movie stuff as well. As for prices, I guess it depends where you live, ironically in Chicago I spend more money on food then I did at Disney, & the Planet Hollywood there. Also, we called earlier that morning for Reservations. You can make reservations for Planet Hollywood but apparently they wouldn't let us for rainforest (animal kingdom)that one was walk in only but Dis will make the reservations for Planet over the phone.
Last time I went the food was great, the service was awesome, our waiter was a blast, the drinks are great (try the scorpion king!) and it was PACKED. I had such a blast. It's certainly not a quiet romantic atomesphere but its a lot of fun and I've never had issues with the food. The one in NY is excellent as well.
Yes PH is on the DDP. Yes they do take adr's. We have never had a bad meal or service there. We have two adr's for our Sept. trip.


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