Pictures of HRH?

Zeke Draven

Apr 28, 2001
Hey guys,
I just booked for Hard Rock, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find pictures of what the rooms look like?

Dude, this new stuff is cool.
:p Too bad I got rolled over.:mad:

I would also like to see some pictures on HRH. I am currently holding a ressies there for Sept. Any pictures l to share would be wonderful! Thanks!
I'm not sure if this is really what all the rooms look like, but they post a room picture on Expedia. I tried to include a link, but when I tried it on another browser, the link doesn't work. Just go to and do a hotel search for HRH. There's also a pic of the outside of the hotel.
Go to
There you will see where you can link to the Hard Rock Hotel. They offer 360 degree views of the rooms, pool, restaurant...etc. It's great!!!:)
this place lookes great- by the way, how much will the new hotel cost per night when it opens???


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