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Earning My Ears
Oct 7, 2000
Alright this one may be way out there but earlier today i was watching the making of the mummy returns. Well this is all about archeological(SP?) digs and special effects. Well has it crossed any one's mind that since they are changing the storyline, the theme, and even the film, maybe it could be related to the new movie or the franchise. This is probably way off but it sure is something to think about. The movie comes out in two weeks, just imagine the publicity stunt they could pull by having an attraction based on the movie two months later. It is still unheard of if the whole poiseidon theme will even be implemented because earl, coasterfev nor universalguy has even told us(at least i dont think they have). Well anyways what does everyone think?
I believe that there is a post on here referring to what the ride will now become, and it will be similar to it's original theme, and not stray too far.
However, I really do feel that a mummy ride would be an awesome thing. It could be Universal's version of the Indiana Jones ride. I've always felt since I saw the movie, that it would fit in perfect with the whole Lost Continent theme. There are so many cool things Universal could do with that franchise. Unfortunately, I don't think they have the room for it in the Lost Continent.
But, they could make a whole Island themed to it :) :) :)
Allright, so I'm dreaming. So what!

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
Hey there-

With the exception of JP-I believe that any movie related ride or show would wind up Studioside.

ok i think i saw where there is room- just to the right of jpra. i got a great chance to see it on the flyers thing

bring the hulk on!


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