Petition to bring back BeaverTails to Epcot

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    I've posted this in another forum but felt that this is of specific interest to Canadians. Sorry for the cross-posting.
    As you may have heard, the Canada pavillion at Epcot has stopped selling BeaverTails pastries due to poor sales. At one time, BeaverTails were immensely popular at Disney but interest has declined since they changed to a "reheated" product in 2000 and began closing the booth during the day after 9/11.

    My husband has created an online petition to encourage Disney to re-establish the sale of BeaverTails and I hope that anyone who has ever tried (or hoped to try) one of these delicious and unique treats will sign it. I believe that we can make a difference and change the mind of the managers at the Canada pavillion.

    I know there are many BeaverTails fans :love: on this board and I hope that you'll come out of the wordwork to support our cause. I encourage you to include comments when you sign so that Disney can see the interest that there is in this product.

    Don't worry -- You can elect to hide your email address so that it is not displayed publicly.

    View and Sign the petition to Bring Back BeaverTails to Epcot.

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