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Mar 6, 2001
Does anyone know how many different penny presses there are in all the parks. We always collect pennies everywhere we take trips to, we put them in scrap books ect. We are planning to actually frame these to put in our "Disney Room". Just need to know how many quarters to take along. Thanks!
Doggone it!
My kids LOVE the presses and we only found FIVE in the park and knew there were more!
I wish this site was posted before we went last week. :(

Anyway, go armed with SHINY PENNIES! and a roll of quarters!


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Could someone tell me how much it costs to have a penny/quarter pressed? I see from the site posted there are quite a lot of presses!

I THINK the presses cost 50 cents plus the coin to be pressed. So penny presses cost 51 cents and quarter presses cost 75 cents.

One tip I read, do not use new shiny pennies. Pennies minted before 1982 work better as that was when they were made only of copper.

It would cost a fortune to get them all! Pick and choose the ones you like. :)
Thanks for the quick reply. I've never heard of the presses. I thought I'd better find out how much these cost before I mentioned anything to my kids about making collecting them while we are on vacation. I thought, what would I do I got their hopes up and they turned out to be outrageous in price? Looks like something that we'll be able to work on though.

Thanks again!
Penny presses are often found in resort hotel lobbies - there are several in the Contemporay,
near the escalator one floor below the monorail.
Our kids loved these! Lots of places sell the penny press books/albums to keep them shiny while on display ($6). One correction, the quarter presses cost $1.25.

with using the pennies minted before 1982. We used new 2000 pennies on our last trip and the impresions were so clear and sharp.

Although I will now have to experiment with pennies before 1982. Is this just so that the penny is stronger?

I love pressed pennies because they are such an inexpensive souveneer!

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My daughter told me that one of her friends taught her how to clean pennies. It had been the one little girls experiment for the science fair. My daughter is 9 so I was a little skeptical. She said to clean them with salt and vinegar and we cleaned all our pre 1982 pennies and they look as good as new. I did just reread that the pennies aren't suppose to be shiny (mine all are now) If anyone knows why you shouldn't use shiny ones would you please post? Are 1982 pennies copper or 1981 and earlier? Thanks everyone for all your information.
I don't remember exactly why pre-1982 pennies were suggested, I think it has something to do with the metallic composition. Anyway, if you go to there is a link to a page all about the penny/quarter presses. It is fun and inexpensive to collect them. My 4 year old DD really got into "smashing" pennies!
Well, I'm the one that originally posted about using pre-1982 pennies. The reason is that before 1982,pennies were made with copper only. After 1982, other metals were introducted and you can end up with a smear of silver metal across your pressed coin.

Clean, shiny pennies that were minted before 1982 would not have this problem.

In fact, it really isn't a problem at all. . .if possibly seeing a smear of silver metal on your pressed coins does not bother you! :)


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