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Oct 28, 2001
My husband was born in Canada, but has been a US citizen since he was 6. He has naturalization papers. I thought he should get a passport for our 7 days cruise just so there wouldn't be any hassles (due to increased security). He made an appointment at the passport office for Friday. He has to bring our ticket vouchers to prove that we're traveling within 14 days and if they determine he doesn't need a passport, they won't issue one. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if he's wasting his time even going there on Friday.
My niece, who is a US citizen, waited until the last minute to get her passport for a trip to France. To get the passport the same day, she had to make an appointment in Boston at the Federal building and had to bring proof of travel.
Are you trying to get it the same day?? Otherwise you can go to a Post Office that deals with passports and you can usually get it within 5-10 days. (You pay for the expidited service and they didn'y ask for proof of travel....) I thought I read it here that someone who did not pay the extra got their passport in the same amount of time as I did.... 5- 10 days...

Good Luck!
At this point, yes, he needs to get the passport on the same day. He went a few weeks ago (to the office in Boston) and was told he had to come back within 14 days of traveling. I looked up the website Dave posted and it appears that is how these offices work. We didn't realize this or we would have just gone through the P.O. The automated recording says that you could be denied a passport if they deem it not necessary. My question is, will naturalization papers be enough or should he still try and get a passport?

Originally posted by cinbis

Will naturalization papers be enough?

According to the DCL web site, yes, if the naturalization papers are certified.

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<b><font face='Verdana' size='1' color='#990000'><a name=RatesDocumentationFAQ></a>What documentation do I need to bring?</font></b><br><font face='Verdana' size='1' color='#333333'>All U.S. and Canadian citizens must travel with proof of citizenship, which is a valid passport, or certified birth certificate with a picture identification, or a certified naturalization certificate with a picture identification. Acceptable forms of picture identification are state or provincial driver's license with a picture, or federal, state, province, or local government photo I.D. card. Children 17 and under who are U.S. or Canadian citizens are only required to have proof of citizenship, excluding picture identification.</font>


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