Passport or driving licence?

Claire Chatts

Earning My Ears
Jul 23, 2002
After reading Simon's book we thought we'd better change our driving licences to the new photo cards so that we can carry them as ID when we go drinking in the evenings to Citiwalk, ID etc. We are a bit wary about carrying our passports, especially if we have 1 or 2 more than intended!!!

However a few people I work with don't remember being asked for ID to buy alcohol and when we were in California two years ago we were never asked (I was actuallt quite gutted, do I look really old??!!)

Shall we bother to change our licenses or will we not really be asked for ID? It's £36 each so don't want to waste the money if we're not likely to be asked, we're 27 and 30 and are going alone.


Moderator Emeritus
Jul 7, 2000
We are asked at least once every visit (and I celebrated my 41st birthday this month, so I am well chuffed!). We always take our passports with us - dh has about 5 pairs of shorts covered with pockets and always takes them in those, so there's no chance of losing them.


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Dec 16, 1999
Like Deb, I usually get ID'd <i>atleast</i> once per trip, and I'm 33 and well past looking like a teeny.

We take our passports everywhere with us. I keep them in my bumbag, so I don't have any worries that I'll leave them somewhere by accident.

Penny :)


Super Shopper
Aug 18, 1999
I think that you should seriously consider getting the ID - we were asked constantly for it in City Walk when we were there to celebrate the Millennium. I know it was extra busy, and <i> I know (in my heart of hearts) </i> that they were'nt asking me because I might happen to look under age (I wish) but we had our son and daughter with their partners with us and they were checked constantly. DS was 23, his GF was 22, DD was 20 (no drinks for her) and her DBF was 25. When me or DH were purchasing drinks we had to show who the drinks were for and DD was questioned all the time about what she was drinking.

As I say - these were extraordinary circumstances, but I think you would be very wise to have the ID about your person when you are out drinking. It would spoil your evening somewhat if you were refused because you couldnt prove you were legally of age. Do remember too about the Drink/Drive laws!


Claire Chatts

Earning My Ears
Jul 23, 2002
Well, that's settled then, definitely going to take ID out every night, think we'll just take passports though as this seems to be the norm.

No worries about drink driving Janice, we're staying on the Universal resort so water taxi or walking for us! NEVER do it here anyhow so not about to start out there!!


Stranger from the outside
Apr 2, 2002
I've just replaced my lost driving license and it only cost £17 plus £4 for the post office to check my passport so that I didn't have to part with it. Why are yours so expensive?



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