Passing of my Father


Oct 12, 2006
I just wanted to share a few photos of my father who passed away in December. My father worked at Disneyland in the 50s when Walt Disney walked the parks every morning and personally made sure everything was correct. My father worked at the Flight Circle, which closed in 1965. He enjoyed his time there so much! Of course it was the place of my parents first date, needless to say Disney runs deep with this family.

This is my father in 1965 at one of the last shows at the Flight Circle.

Here's a picture of his Disneyland badge that somehow got forgotten to get collected, as well as his I.D to get into Disneyland.

Here is a link to the article he wrote with all the history he shared!

Southern Bell

DIS Veteran
Mar 22, 2011
So sorry for the loss of your father! Enjoyed the pictures and reading his story! My husband and I visited Disneyland a long time ago in 1983. I had only been to Disney World, but... was a dream to get to go to Disneyland, where I had dreamed of going as a child. Thanks for sharing his story!


Disney Day Dreamer
Jan 16, 2015
Amazing story "Hobbit". Thank you for sharing a little of your fathers story. Disneyland is a great and magical place, but it would be nothing without all the "Cast Members", and not just those in "staring roles" but those with "supporting" and behind the scenes roles as well. I always try to thank as many as I can when I visit the park. You should be proud, and I know you are, of the happiness and wonder that your father surely brought to so many guests.


DIS Veteran
Jun 2, 2000
that was so nice of you to take the time to post the pictures. thank you for doing this.
sorry for your loss.


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