Parking questions?


Dec 28, 2000
We will be staying at Ft. Wilderness Cabins for 5 nights. We have one park day left and 3 options (water parks) left from last year. We plan on going to MGM in the morning and staying till about 3:00. We would like to eat at Cape May and then walk over to Epcot to see Tapestry of Dreams. My question is, can we park at Cape May, eat and leave the car until after Tapestry of Dreams?

Thank you.

The easiest thing to do would be to use Disney transportation. Bus from Fort Wilderness to the Studios, boat from MGM to Cape May, then walk or boat to Epcot. You might save some time getting into the Studios of the morning by driving, but then you have the hassle of having to move the car several times. You can return to FW in the evening by walking through Epcot and catching the Monorail back to the TTC, then bus to FW.

If you want to drive, I believe your parking pass at Yacht & Beach will have a time limit (2-3 hours???). This might be enough time to see Tapestry also.
If you are asking if you can park at BC all day including when you go to MGM, the answer is probably no as they do stop people particularly in the morning to assure they have a purpose for being at BC rather than going somewhere else. If you mean going to Cape May about 4 and then over for Tapestry and back, you are probably OK although there are times they have a three hour parking limit at BC when going there, although you can usually avoid that three hour limit if you valet park (and pay the applicable $6 fee for valet parking). If there is a problem, you can park in the boardwalk's overflow lot (across the street from the BW main lot and on the same road as the one you leave MGM from). That overflow lot is open to the public. You can walk from there to BW and then over to BC and Epcot and back.
Keep in mind that the valet parking $6.00 can become $8.00-$10.00 with the tip--which is still expected. May not be such a great deal when you can park in the theme park lot for free---.


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