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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ty_n_cy, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Hi everybody... we're going to be on our first cruise (Disney Dream - April 3rd) in a few short months and we're not 100% certain on how things work.

    First, we drive from New Jersey for our trips. Our initial plan (and it's still our plan but we're exploring alternatives) was to drive from Bay Lake Towers to Port Canaveral and park at the port for the cruise. I was thinking, since it's our anniversary trip, of surprising my wife and kids with a limo to and from the port.

    My question is... we're staying at Bay Lake Towers from 3/30 - 4/3 and then on the cruise from 4/3 - 4/7 and finally at Kindani Village from 4/7 - 4/9. Are we able to park at Bay Lake Towers or Kidani Village from 4/3 - 4/7 or is that something that the resorts are unable to accommodate?

    If we can't... no big deal, we'll just stick to the original plan... just a thought.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    They won't let you keep the car at the resort any longer than you are staying there. My suggestion would be to bring the car to the port and park it there. Make sure to not leave anything in the car so anyone can see it... also don't leave any food items... you don't want to come back to buggies in your car...

    Good luck!
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    While a limo ride to/from Port Canaveral would be nice, it think would be cheaper to drive yourself to the port. Parking is reported going up to $20/night at PC on 1/1/2011.
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    Technically you are not allowed to leave your vehicle at a WDW resort while you are cruising. There have been exceptions made for people staying at the same resort before and after a cruise as they were issued a parking pass that expired on the last day of the second stay.

    There are a couple options. One is to park at the port--as above, the cost will increase to $20 per night of cruise. The other is to enjoy your stay at WDW, but the evening of the last day to drive to the port area and stay at one of the Cape Canaveral hotels that allows free cruise parking. Some of these provide complimentary breakfast and shuttles to the terminal, others charge for these items. You can still enjoy a full day at WDW before heading to Cape Canaveral, and the hotel cost is very nearly the same as the parking at port cost would have been. On our 7 night cruise parking would have been $105, our hotel was $107 with tax...and that included breakfast, shuttle, and parking!

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