Parents with TALL 2 year olds!

Betty Rohrer

DIS Veteran
May 19, 2010
Our daughter was 40" tall just before her third birthday. She rode everything she was tall enough for at DL, except for Space Mountain. She LOVED Big Thunder and rode it multiple times.

We first took her on Gadget's Go Coaster, which is similar to (but not the same) as Barnstormer first. At WDW, we would likely have started with 7DMT.

She was FAR more scared of the crazy DL Fantasyland dark rides (Pinocchio, Snow White) than any of the coasters except Tower of Terror. Now THAT was a mistake. ;-P
and I had 4 year at the time grandson that Tower Of Terror was his favorite ride of the trip. he was a shrimp and just made the height


DIS Veteran
Jan 20, 2001
I once had a tall 2-year-old who loved "Barnstormer", but was afraid of dark rides and Fantasmic. The joy of multiply trips is seeing kids conquer fears at later age.



DIS Veteran
Oct 4, 2014
I'd be cautious with SDD because of the banking-at times there are sharp banks on either side, and for a toddler I'm sure it would seem like they are going to fall out. SDMT isn't really that fast or have big drops, and the rocking isn't that noticeable. I agree try Barnstormer and see his reaction. Also, some kids refuse to ride ANYTHING after a scary ride experience, but you know your child better than anyone else, so follow your gut feelings.


Aussie Wendy
Jan 7, 2014
Our DD was 19 months old and tall enough to go on a tonne of rides, she loved them all. You won't know until you try.
We recently went back and she is now 3.5, she was tall enough for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder - HATED them both. Screamed the entire time.
Sometimes the smaller they are, the more they like it! As they get bigger they get fearful.


Crazy Disney nut
Nov 25, 2005
My youngest DS was tall and had been on all the rides much younger because of his size. He went on barnstormer at age 2 but the other rides weren’t there yet. I think he would have been fine on 7DMT. Can’t answer for SDD as I haven’t been on it yet (May 2020!!!!)


Earning My Ears
Jan 1, 2020
We got back from a trip with our tall 2 year old (37” at 27 months when we travelled) and we didn’t try either of those rides. Mostly because I wasn’t sure of his height at fastpass time and also I just couldn’t fathom him doing slinky dog. Mine train maybe. We did barnstormer and he cried a lot though. He is quite timid though and it was near nap time. After going I still think slinky dog would terrify him. It’s so fast! Fast for me even! Haha. Mine train not so much. Maybe we will try that next year when he is 3. I saw some 3 year olds who did slinky dog with no issues. Every kid is different. I don’t have a thrill seeker lol.


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