Our WL Adventure - Day 2

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by melomouse, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. melomouse

    melomouse DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2001
    Dates - August 12-18,2002

    Cast/Crew: Melomouse(me)
    Grandmouse - 1st WDW visit ever (70)
    DD(turning 6 on 8/14)

    Day 2 begins with Grandmouse awake by 7:30 and running down to Roaring Forks w the mugs for coffee and breakfast treats. Actually, no running. It is not such a short walk until we find the right exit 2 days later!
    Kids stir to life and don't want to go to Epcot, but are just dying to get in that pool. I tell them to get dressed.
    Out to the balcony right away to see who's there. I spied ducks earlier that morning - 6AM. You can hear the waterfall and the birds. I am still trying to figure out the water recycle system, and trace the flow of water from the lobby to the river to the waterfall to the bridge, waterslide, pool, past Old Faithful geyser, into the lagoon?
    While they are dressing, I am outside sipping coffee. I see three CM's rustling in the grassy gardens below and to the right, south of the pool. One guy has a cloth bag and ... a snake stick! -
    ( I know about these things because my older stepson was into snakes bigtime in the past!)
    Apparently the snake gives him a little trouble getting into the bag or he isn't an expert snakecatcher. It takes awhile. I am pleased to see Disney's park rangers on the job, keeping the WL safe, even though it was likely a garter snake!

    Off to Epcot, where we are planning to meet my friend and her family. We walk through the lobby to the bus stop. Bus to Epcot arrives in about 2 minutes, empty. Stop at FW, pickup 6. Bus driver tells us that the bus schedule changes constantly and really can only be predicted a day at a time. Very friendly and accommodating!

    At Epcot, it is pretty early still and very hot. DS races off to Ice Station Cool and tastes everything. Makes DD try the yucky kinds. Wants to buy at 5 foor high Coca-Cola Bank. Grandmouse seems mesmerized. She has never seen anything like this.

    Walked in w/o renting a stroller. It is now drizzling. I order a single for DD and our "stuff". CM says"double?" I say no, but he gives me a double anyway. The park seems empty.

    We find our friends, get FP for Test Track - DS will go w/ the friends - and we move on to Cranium Command, Body Wars, The Story of Me, and all of the wonderful interactive stuff that we cannot drag the kids away from. Go next door to Ellen's Universe of Energy. Excellent show. Grandmouse is in awe, so are DD and DS. I am just drinking all of this in. Think I am tired and hungry already.

    Off to TT. Grandmouse & I stay with DD and friend's 3 y/o. Sun is out again and blazing. Not too much shade. Kids play in interactive pop-up fountain and get soaked. Luckily we took off the shoes first.

    Lunch at Garden Grill Food Courts - I guess it's really called something else - - it's a madhouse, but everyone can choose what they want from the various food courts. Hard to find a table - where DID all these people come from?

    Food Rocks after lunch - no waiting and very entertaining!- thenoff to Living Seas. By now it is raining again pretty hard. DD is complaining about being soaked. Hates rain pomcho. Hates stroller. Time to leave?

    I visited a state of the art aquarium in Galveston last February. Maybe that is why the magic is not on for me here. But it was lovely, nonetheless.

    Grandmouse ready to head back to WL. Me, too. DS nagging for Innoventions. DD comes alive and wants to be w/ DS. Friends are doing commando touring and ready to head to World Showcase. We are not going to make it there today!

    So we split up after doing Spaceship Earth, which DD remembered from last year (I didn't go to Epcot then) She loves it. I love it! I need the rest and it foots the bill! It is torrential when we come out. Touring in the rain is not fun.

    DS, DD and I spend the next few hours in Innoventions - West? - while thunder and lightning is heard for hours. Walkways are flooding. Forget about ponchos, backpacks - long soaked. Oh well!
    We loved Innoventions and the kids were thrilled. Took the tour of the MRI where the CM asks DD to be a model of the human body with all these miles of blood vessels whatnot. Film is neat ( I have a medical background). CM gives DD a Magical Moments certificate and he asks how old she is. Six tomorrow she says! The CM - Jack - takes off his light up 100 years of magic pin and GIVES it to DD! He says Mickey and she are both celebrating. I am about to cry!

    We finally make our way out to the bus stop and one more magical thing happens as we are waiting too long - 10-15 minutes? -

    It is torrential still. DD looks at folks behind us in line for the bus and asks why everyone has Mickey ponchos and we have plain yellow? ("Because Mommy shops at the Dollar Store, honey, and is too frugal to pay $8 for Mickey!"). The couple behind is saoked, but they are covering their camcorder & case with the Mickey poncho. The man asked if she would like to trade with him! So she did! Magical moment!

    to be continued....
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    we returned last night and the people everywhere were just so wonderful.....thanks so much for your report.....I guess i should start my report too....
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  4. dandave

    dandave The more I travel, the more I appreciate coming ho

    Oct 20, 2000
    melomouse, Hi! I loved your trip report! :)
  5. pnelson

    pnelson Guest

    Have your kids been to Disney World before? How excited was your son? My son will be 10 on our next trip and I worry that he might think he is too big for some of the "magic"? Did the characters hold any appeal for your son?
  6. melomouse

    melomouse DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2001
    Hi -

    I can tell you that he really was giving me a hard time before we went and only wanted to go to Universal - which we didn't do. He had been last year, before that to DL in 1998.

    He ran up to the characters everywhere he saw them, knocking the DD(6) to the ground half the time! It was he who insisted we had to get the autograph books before going into Chef Mickey's. He was better able to converse and joke around with CM's in the parks than before.

    However, had I allowed him in the pool all 6 days for 12 hours a day, he would also have been happy!!!!

    Don't let these guys fool you. They're still little boys no matter how much they think this disney is "baby stuff"!

    I'm sure you're son will find his own magic, and don't forget that Mom's sense of magic is very contagious, in spite of themselves!!!!
  7. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Very nice report!

    Thanks for sharing!

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