Our first trip to L.A. and DL together! 2/27 to 3/5 Leap Day included

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    Here goes our Trip Report, well... kind of, since I didn't take notes of everything going on in our trip so I'll write everything as I remember it.

    A little intro:

    It was just the two of us, DH (32) and me (31)
    We've always been Disney (and Little Mermaid in special) fans, and that's what brought us together, even when we were from different countries (I'm from Argentina, he's from Spain), and we got married in 2007, I moved to Spain and we're living Happily Ever After ever since :cloud9:

    We've been going once a year to Disneyland Paris since 2007, and we've been wanting to go to the american parks for years, but we never had the chance to do it.
    Almost three weeks ago, we found awesome airfares from Madrid and even more awesome hotel rates for the Anabella Hotel. And that was when we knew we just had to go to DL this year.:wizard:

    So, I always do the planning but I barely had any time left to do research and do meticulous planning. It was later that we found out what was in store for the Leap Day celebrations, and we were so excited!
    After flooding the board with questions (sorry everyone!) it was time for us to pack. It was already Sunday, and we packed to be prepared for almost every kind of weather, and we would find later that it was a good idea ;)

    Day 1

    We went to sleep as early as we could, and left home in Seville (Andalusia, Southern Spain) at 5:20 for the train station. We took the High Speed Train (AVE) to Madrid at 6:15, had breakfast on board and had a pretty nice view of the sunrise


    At 8:55 we arrived to Madrid, and had to take a link local train to Barajas Airport. Even when the AVE train was on time, we were a bit late for check-in but we made it on time and went through security and passport control in no time. We got window seats on the plane and tried to spend time on board as best as we could. A 12 hour flight, 3 movies (none of them interested me, I was too short to get a good view of the overhead screens though :/), but I spent the whole time napping, reading, or drawing on DH's iPad :D

    When I woke up approximately 5 hours before landing we got nice views of Canada


    And later nice views of some place near Salt Lake City


    Not too long after that, the view changed to a more dessert-like view, we knew we had to be near L.A. and Disney! yay!

    the sky turned more cloudy when we reached L.A.

    It was time to change our watches to the local time, which was 9 hours earlier! awesome, more time for fun! (though we knew the jet lag would be hard to beat)

    The plane finally landed before the planned arrival time and we went through security and passport check quite fast. We saw a nice cute Beagle dog sniffing every bag, she had a nice little uniform/outfit! too bad pictures weren't allowed in the area :D

    After that we went to the Ground Transportation counter to get directions to the Disneyland Resort Express Shuttle and we went to the Bus Stop, quite tired and with our legs itching and our feet quite swollen... it was clear that the 12 hour flight had taken its toll on us but we were happy to have finally arrived!

    A Little Mermaid DL shuttle arrived and we were excited! she's our favorite disney character! :D


    Our journey to Anaheim started, with a stop at the Disneyland Hotel where we had to pay for our round-trip tickets and then we were taken to the Anabella Hotel. At some point it started raining, and we had to run with our luggage to the Anabella Hotel Lobby.
    We were checked in very fast, the staff was very friendly and they allowed us to choose on which floor to stay. DH decided second floor was the best option, and we were given the Casitas Suite room #9207, in Santa Cruz Building. I was worried that it would be too far from the main building but later we learned that it was within easy walking distance.
    On our way to our room we were in awe by the landscaping, with the beautiful fountain and the pools, and also, we were greeted by this very special and friendly cast member:

    we pet him and ended up running to our room since it started to rain harder. The first downside? We weren't told where the elevators were (or if there were any), so we had to drag our luggage to the second floor in the middle of the rain. But we were so happy to be there that we didn't mind XD
    then we entered our room, which was BEAUTIFUL!
    A very nice suite, with a queen bed in the main room, a sofa, a TV and a refrigerator. Then an adjoining smaller room with a twin size bed, another TV and a chair. Also a coffee Machine, and a nice bathroom.

    The only downside of the room? the window blinds! Maybe it's because we're foreigners, but we like to have more privacy than that. You could see almost anything from the outside of the room if the lights were on. We grabbed a blanket we had and clipped it to the blinds. It did a nice job.

    We left our luggage in the room and headed to the 7-Eleven on Katella and Harbor for some snacks. Then we went to Downtown Disney and loved the World of Disney Store! I wanted to buy it all! I don't know how or why but what was supposed to be a short visit turned out to be longer, it was already 10PM. To make matters worse my feet were absolutely wet from the rain so we headed to the hotel and discovered the shortcut through the Grand Californian Hotel (which we found so beautiful BTW!)

    Then we were delighted to be back in the room, we called to the Pizza Hut on Chapman Ave and got a nice pizza delivered to our room. Delicious! we LOVE pizza hut! DH was so happy with the incredible amount of double cheese they put in your pizza in the U.S.! (here in Spain they rip us off and they don't put half the amount of cheese they put there! incredible)

    After a nice shower and some TV we went to sleep, a long day was waiting for us! We had planned to rent a car and went to LA, and be back in time to sleep for some hours and go to DL for Leap Day!

    (next to come: Day 2 some L.A. sightseeing)
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    Glad you made it to your flight. We've never stayed at the Anabelle but the room does look nice. I just think the walk will be a little hard for us with the strollers and kids. Can't wait to read more when you get the chance.
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    Thanks for the great review! Can't wait to read more!
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    Loving reading your TR so far, can't wait to read more! We fly 13.5 hours to get to LAX so I totally understand the fun of jetlag when at the parks! :thumbsup2

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