Our First Disneyland Thanksgiving


DIS Veteran
Mar 12, 2013
We'll be there for Thanksgiving this year, too. We normally go the 4 days before Thanksgiving or the weekend after, so we've never been there on the big day. But, this year, vacation plans just worked out that way.

I will say that the whole week is pretty crowded. Make sure to start your day early, take a break in the middle if you need it, and go back late at night for more fun. The majority of people will be there from about 11AM-the fireworks. After that, the park starts clearing out. Have a game plan, too. Know your time and use it well.

In terms of Thanksgiving meals, I'm looking for reviews, too, so I'm hoping to piggyback onto the original discussion. I don't want to do the Disneyland Hotel as it's way too expensive and would cut into our park time. We'll be at Disneyland as opposed to DCA on the actual holiday. We're looking at potentially eating at Blue Bayou, Carnation, or River Belle. Another option might be the restaurant at PPH since we're staying there, but I think it's almost as expensive as the DLH one. Which one would be best for their Thanksgiving offerings and which is most kid-friendly? Any thoughts?


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