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    We are still here, but on Sunday upon entering the MK near Tony's, a CM in blue asked started talking to my DD and asked if she would want to personally meet Cinderella later. He scheduled a private VIP meeting for later in the afternoon. We we returned we had 10 minutes to spend with Cinderella alone. My DD just wanted her photo op and then exit. We had prepped her all day about questions to ask and she was too shy to do it. It was still cute.

    DH and DD got pulled from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad end of the line and were taking to the exit to "skip the line". I missed that but when waiting for them saw a whole train load of guests from BTMR get escorted off and were each given lanyards.

    Saw lots of Lanyards and lots of fastpasses.

    On Saturday we were picked to be the table of the day at Le Ceiller. We had confetti on the table and all had to wear crowns. Very small, but still fun
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    VERY cool! Congratulations! :mickeyjum
    We're going for Christmas with our WHOLE family (12 of us!). Here's hoping some of your pixie dust rubs off on us! :tink:

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