Our dates are split between 2 room only codes...does that mean 2 ressies & if so...

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    Sep 18, 1999
    We arrive on 10/3 which is on one of the room only code dates and the next room only code starts 10/4. We are there until 10/9, so our first night would be under one code & the next 5 under another. Does that mean we would have to check out on the 2nd morning and check back in with the 2nd ressie? If so, would we literally have to move our things or just go to the front desk to check in again?
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    Call them and ask the CM to have the two reservations connected and to note on them that you would like to stay in the same room. Then again when you check in at the resort for the first reservation ask them to check the 2nd reservation to see if you are in the same room. We have done this serveral times and never had to change rooms. You do however have to check in at the front desk in the morning for the second reservation.



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