Only 1 Day at Universal Studio's.. HELP!!!


Earning My Ears
Oct 28, 1999
I truly apologize if this is a question that has been asked 100s of times.. However, my wife and I have one day we can spend at the Studio's this April. Approximately 8 years ago, I took my family for a day to Universal, and it was a horrible experience. We waited in line for 1 1/2 hours for tickets.. then on to Kong and waited two hours in line only to have the ride break down as we were about to get on.. then to Jaws and the same thing! I am willing to give Universal the benefit of the doubt, and some more of my $$. Will you please help me figure out how I can have a good day at Universal? I've heard about Spiderman.. Where is it? Islands of Adventure sounds interesting.. What should I see? Thank-you for helping me through this theme park maze... Peace
I know what you are talking about. We went to Universal in their first year. It was disappointing. The lines were terrible. 3 hours for Kong, Earthquake, and ET. Worst thing was, nothing else was really there. We saw some shows, but those 3 rides were it. The experience was so bad, that everyone leaving the park got a pass to return on our next trip to Florida.

They have gotten much better, and now that there are more rides the lines are not bad.

If you only have one, then IOA is probably the park to see. But try to squeeze in an extra day for Universal too. It is really a great park.

I've been to IOA and USF recently (within the last 3 years), and I can tell you a little advice. First of all, don't stress yourself over the little things, like long lines and stuff like that. They are inevitable at any park. Second of all, have patience. Break downs are unfortunate and frustrating, but they aren't the end of the world. When I was at IOA in 1999, the Jurassic Park ride broke down, but was soon up again. I didn't fret or get angry. Of course, I'm just a teen and understand the ungency of this event. Instead of getting angry, my dad, brother, and I just made jokes about the break down. Third, don't forget to get plenty of sleep the night before. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is because you can't afford to "run out of gas" in the middle of the day. Plus it also helps with your attitude and things also.

Spider Man is at IOA, located next store to USF. It's really a short walk away from the Studios. You should see Spiderman, Bilge rat barges, Jurassic Park River Adventure, poseidon's fury, and eighth voyage of Sindbad. If you're a coaster fanatic, there's the Hulk coaster and Dueling Dragons.

I stongly urge you to buy a two day pass even though your only there for one day. This pass lets you 'park hop' from IOA to USF, so you can experience the best of both parks.


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