One Reason I Luv Southwest (or SW for Dummies - Like me)

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by cbsnyber1, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    I know opinions of Southwest are mixed on these boards, but I have to tell a story - and why I love flying with them.

    We have an October trip planned and needed eight tickets, so I was watching fares and schedules. SW released a schedule that ended like Sept. 28 - we were planning to fly out late in the day on October 3 and stay offsite, then move to our rooms on Oct. 4. So, I was constantly checking flight times and costs for about two months.

    Imagine my surprise when, on February 20 and the new schedule release, that better flights were available if we left early Oct. 4 - plus the cost was totally acceptable. So we booked - and in the excitement of the moment (how often does everything you hoped for come true?) I booked all eight flights - for October 3, not early on the 4th.

    I discovered the mistake about an hour after booking. Horrified (I've ruined the whole trip!!) I changed all eight flights to Oct. 4 - with no charge to do so.

    What would those changes have cost with another airline? So, this dummy loves SW for things like no cost to change flights - it probably saved my marriage!
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    The penalty for changes or cancellations on most major US airlines within 24 hours of booking is $0.

    The differentiating factor with Southwest is they do not have any cancellation or change fees...even months after booking.

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