On our way from "wanna be" to member


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Oct 15, 2001
Last week while down at WDW (rented points at OKW, great place!!) we took the preview and put down the deposit.

So now We are no longer DVC Wanna-Be's but DVC Gonna-Be's, soon We will be home! We purchased 150 points at VWL, we took some time out and went over there while we were there and loved the place.

After the preview tour we walked around the lagoon and walked through the BC and YC and the boardwalk areas, all nice places. I took two picture of them working on BCV from the BC front entrance. I will post a link to the pictures when we get our trip reports up (hopefully this weekend).

Soon you can welcome us home,



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Aug 4, 2000
Consider this an "early" welcome home!
You're like me; until I hold that deed in my grubby little hand, it's not real.
Congratulations anyway!


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Sep 1, 1999
We just closed yesterday on our Hilton Head purchase and I kept waiting for a phone call from someone to say it wasn't going to happen (I'm a glass 1/2 empty kinda person by nature). Anyway, I called Member Services to bug them and see if we had closed early (closing was scheduled for January 22) and low and behold we closed that day! I was so happy. I really feel "official" now! Anyway, can't wait to welcome you home officially. Let us know when the "deed is done"!


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Aug 26, 1999
Hi, fellow DVC Gonna-be. We put down our deposit on VWL yesterday and our membership material isn't here yet. Jeesh! What's taking the mail system so long? Not like I'm anxious or anything so we can take our first trip.