On casual dining nights...what's acceptable, what's not?


Jul 21, 2002
Are a nice pair of shorts and a nice polo or button down shirt acceptable for men on casual dining nights? How about women? I know we have a bit more leeway. I'm just trying to put this all together (I was at Marshall's and TJ Maxx last night and found a "plethora" of summertime duds for us at 75% off!)

This cruise is a good excuse to buy all new summer clothes while they're on sale!

Thanks everyone, you've all been a big help!

Deb (sailing away on 1/25/03)
Disney suggests "no shorts in the dining rooms", but guys seem to ignore that, which irks me to no end!

Khakis, boat shoes and a comfy polo shirt is what I wear for casual dining. I saw guys in shorts on FORMAL night! I swear I wanted to grab them by the arm and drag them from the dining room. :mad:

Hi Deb! Disney requests no shorts at dinner except for the tropical nights. Here is their statement on dinner dress:

The attire in Animator's Palate and Parrot Cay is resort casual -- open-collar shirts and slacks for men and pants and a blouse or a casual dress for ladies. In Lumière's, Triton's, and Palo, we suggest men wear jackets and ladies wear dresses or pantsuits. We kindly request that no shorts, T-shirts or jeans be worn in any of our restaurants in the evening. We also request that swimsuits not be worn in any dining location. However, if you prefer to dine in shorts or comfy jeans, along with your favorite T-shirt, you'll want to try Pluto's Doghouse or Pinocchio's Pizzeria. If you are sailing on the Disney Magic®, you can take advantage of the relaxed dress code at Topsider Buffet. Of course, there's always room service. Or on special occasions, dress up in your colorful island attire, including flowered shirts and muu muus at the themed TROPICALIfragilistic-expialidocious Dinner. During the 7-Night Caribbean Cruise, appropriate attire is also suggested for our elegant and semi-formal evenings when dining with the Master Chef Series and the Captain's Gala Dinner. Tuxedo rentals are available in advance.

Enjoy your cruise! :)


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