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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by wbelleu, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. wbelleu

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    Jan 26, 2002
    Me and my family are heading back to WDW this June for the 2nd time this year, with the 1st being in February. We usually do Disney once a year due to the ages of our children (4 and 6), in fact my little girl who is 4 will have been to Disneyworld 5 times after this trip! We have stayed at the CBR, ASmo, WL, and AKL with AKL being our favorite to date. We are considering OKW this go-round for something a little difference and to maybe get a feel for DVC opportunities, most probably a lot more Disneyworld in our future. Anyone out there can offer any advice on OKW verses other Disney Resorts?

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    1999 ASmo
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  2. Richyams

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    Aug 18, 1999
    OKW is hands down the finest DVC resort. I think its the best resort on property. Many consider it the only "true" DVC resort.

    The rooms are huge, the largest of any DVC resort. You reslly need to be in a one bedroom or larger unit to appresciate the benefits of DVC.

    At OKW you can park right in front of your unit. It truly is like having your own home in WDW for a little time each year.
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  4. NancyDVC

    NancyDVC DIS Veteran

    Apr 26, 2000
    :) Bill,
    Staying at OKW is better than being home. You have all the comforts of home (and I do mean comforts). You can bring in food for breakfast and snacks to save money.
    If you stay in a 1 bedroom or larger you will be spoiled and may never want to go back to a regular hotel room again. In the 1 bedroom and larger you will have a fully equipped kitchen (better than the one I have at home). Some folks actually cook while they are there. I don't cook but it is convenient for breakfast and snacks and bringing 'home' leftovers to have for another meal. Being able to relax when you are not at the parks is great too.
    There are surrey bikes and regular bikes to rent, small boats (not the water mice) for rent, activities at Community Hall such as movies, crafts and games. Most activities are free some have a charge such as crafts. You can rent movies to show on the VCR (in the 1 bedroom and larger).
    It is a very friendly resort. Guests say helllo very easily and I have made some friends just sitting at the bus stop or pool. There are 4 pools scattered throughout the resort. The largest/feature pool is near check in (Hospitality House). There is a ferry to DD which is a nice ride.
    AKL is lovely with animals right there but the theming at OKW is more subtle. Yes there is some more run of the mill widlife-ducks, bunnies, ibis, herons etc., most of whom are very people friendly.
    Try OKW and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. SueOKW

    SueOKW Go Tribe!!!

    Apr 8, 2000
    I can't say enough about the quiet, the roominess, the beauty, the ambiance, the general GREAT FEELING OKW gives one...

    Like Nancy said, after being in a 1 BR at OKW, it's very very hard to go back to a regular hotel room....
  6. slimplaw

    slimplaw DIS Veteran

    Feb 18, 2001
    Our home resort is VWL, but we stayed at OKW in Dec. in a 2 bedroom. The biggest advantage I found at OKW is the size of the rooms. They are larger than VWL, considerably. However, I do feel there were some disadvantages, the biggest is if you are on the 3rd floor of a building. Without an elevator, if I were you I would request a room on the 1st or 2nd floor so you won't be carrying little ones up the stairs at the end of the day.

    We did have a pool close to our room and bus stops seemed to be well located. We did not eat at Olivia's, but did have a hamburger at the snack bar and it was very good. We had checked in on a Wed. around 11:30 am and they were not busy, so we had a nice leisurely lunch overlooking the water.
  7. vernon

    vernon DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 1999
    While the one bedroom places are wonderful, I think it more likely that you'll stay in a studio. This is much closer to a "regular" hotel room, although they are a little bigger than the moderates and you have the advantage of a "wetbar" . OKW is a very relaxing and well laid out resort. It has a good main pool area ( although no slide) and 3 other less busy pool areas around the resort. I've always found the bus service to the parks to be OK, although not everyone seems to have been as lucky ( maybe I'm easier to please LOL). The restaurant on site is quite small and , unless it has improved, not the best in WDW. But you are very near to DTD and there is a water taxi service as well as the bus.

    To give you a real feeling of the different unit sizes I would suggest you do take the sales tour as the larger units are REALLY special. It will also help you to understand the concept behind DVC and help you to work out the advantages for your family.

    I think OKW is one of my favourite places to stay at WDW, it's nice to have a relaxing oasis to return to after the bustle of the parks.
  8. DeeP

    DeeP DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    OKW has the largest 1 BR and GV out of all the DVC properties. The studios are also slightly larger but do not seem larger because of the layout of the room and the 2 queen beds vs 1 queen and a sleeper sofa. The 1 BR and GV definitely are and feel larger. The furnishings in the units are very light and pretty.
    It is much more convenient to have a car at OKW due to it's location. You will have the convenience of parking your car in a parking lot in front of your villa. As another poster stated getting a first floor unit will save you walking up flights of steps with tired little ones after the parks. The newer buildings do have elevators but the majority of the buildings do not.
    OKW is a quiet, laid back place so afternoon naps/rests and early bedtimes for your children will be quite easy.
    The units near the hospitality house are within easy walking distance to the main pool, restaurant, snack bar and gift shop. The units farther back are quite a distance to these things so you might want to request a unit close to the hospitality house.
    Olivia's is the restaurant at OKW and it has good food at reasonalbe prices, the snack bar has typical snack bar food but it is also good especially for a quick lunch while at the pool.
    Since you are considering purchasing DVC, you should take the DVC tour while your at WDW. The DVC reps will show you models of all the various properties and explain all about this great vacation timeshare program with no pressure. You will find that all the DVC properties are different and unique in their own way. Have a great vacation!
  9. ILuvDVC

    ILuvDVC Mouseketeer

    Aug 13, 2000
    Well, I will agree that OKW's 1 Bedroom is bigger than other DVC Resorts....I believe the BoardWalk Grand Villa comes in pretty close to OKW's Grand Villa....they are both cool!:smooth:

    I've never had the opportunity to stay at the BW Grand Villa, just seems more spacious (maybe not in the bedroom, but in the living room area).
  10. PJMPA

    PJMPA Mouseketeer

    May 23, 2000
    OKW is a great Resort. That is fact. In my OPINION, it is the best DVC resort. If you want laid back quiet, you got it. If you want more excitement, go to Boardwalk or Wilderness Lodge but you can always come back to the beautiful quiet of OKW. As I watch it snowing here in PA, I keep thinking that I will be there in one week. Can't wait!
  11. DeeP

    DeeP DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    I agree with you the BWV GV's living room/great room is larger because it is such a beautiful large room with living room area, dining area etc. But I think the 2 stories of the OKW GV give an overall bigger feeling to the GV. I have only been in a 1 story BWV GV, I have never seen a 2 story BWV GV. But you right they are both very nice.
  12. ILuvDVC

    ILuvDVC Mouseketeer

    Aug 13, 2000
    I'll never know....too many points to book that BoardWalk Grand Villa.....however, I have stayed in the OKW Grand Villa, and it is wonderful! I love having the whole family in one place!
  13. PKK/MJK

    PKK/MJK DIS Veteran

    Feb 17, 2000
    We have owned at OKW since 1993 and absolutely love it!!! We also own at BWV and just added on a BCV but OKW is really our home. Olivias has good food and some tasty cocktails. Parking outside your room is a great benefit at the end of the day. Some people with younger children think the main pool needs updating because it does not have an exciting slide--don't think that is going to happen though--at least not for a while. If you stay at OKW and decide to buy DVC points, always remember to buy your points at the resort where you would like to stay the most. Technically OKW is sold out. If you decide you would like to buy into OKW, you will have to do it through the Timeshare Store or other resale group.
  14. Whatever you do - make sure you try and rent someone's points to get your stay at OKW for the cheapest way possible! (Very expensive if you go through CRO even with the best possible discount of an AP rate). You can hopefully find points for $7 - $8 which is more than a fair price! At $10 per point - you are paying still a little bit less than the AP rate which is the lowest discount possible - but again $7 - $8 is fair and a good price.

    Also, while staying at OKW, do take the DVC tour - you will then see just how much more HUGE the rooms are at OKW vs. the BW and WVL and BCV. Some let the advantages of location (ie BWV) or ambience (ie WVL) to way their decision as to why they prefer one resort over the other - but I agree that OKW is definitely the finest DVC resort on property.

    I'd buy the OKW resale if you wanted to get in (but honestly, I've found that renting lets you enjoy the benefits without the purchase price) you have to way your options though .... (how often you go .... etc>). Good luck
  15. CaptainMidnight

    CaptainMidnight DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2000
    You might consider checking out the BoardWalk resort. With the age of your children, having easy boat access to Epcot and MGM instead of having to rely on busses all the time is very nice. While the 1 bdrm aren't as big as OKW, there are still plenty big and offer a great stay.

    Resort owners take a lot of pride in thier home resorts, as you can see from the OKW owner's pride above. There are many nice things about the OKW resort. However, I certainly could not agree that it is the only "true" DVC resort, and find that statement misleading. There is a little game played on these boards where some posters try to bait aurguments for some reason, that if you haven't been here for long you might not be aware of. Each DVC resort has it's advantages and offers benfits to those owners choosing it as thier home resort.

    Some regulars prefer BW due to the close location to two major parks -- we do. Given the age of your small children, you might consider this option. The pool is also more inviting to children with the slide and lifegaurd. There are also some nice eating options within walking distance, including two ice cream shops, one at BC and Dolphin. There are nice children's programs as well.

    Have a great vacation.
  16. Pa@okw95

    Pa@okw95 Guest

    I would try one of the other DVC resorts since you have young children. Think ahead to what the other DVC resorts have to offer for people with kids, the rooms are almost as large at the other DVC resorts, the bus service leaves a lot to be desired at OKW, there is only one restaurant. I would try BW or the new one across from BW. They both are very close to Epcot and MGM. You can walk to either. There pools are superior to OKW. I love OKW just the way it is, but my kids are grown up . OKW is very laid back, just the way I like it.
  17. The rooms "almost as large?" Hmmm, take the tour and see for yourself and make your own judgement. Me personally, I think the room sizes at OKW leave all others with much to the imagination ..... but that's just me! ;)
  18. brittsmum1998

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    May 6, 2001
    I agree...with kids a differant resort would be better. OKW is beautiful and the large rooms do come in handy because there is nothing else to do there w/out transportation. We have stayed at all the resorts and find the BWV's suit our needs best. Right outside the door for an ice cream etc. People watching is great. Block parties on the weekend, not to mention the jugglers, carnival games etc. If I wanna take a nap, DH and DD who is 4 can take a walk for an hour and have a heck of a time w/out leaving property. Pool area is nice although we prefer to pool hop to SAB (for however long that lasts). Have never had a problem with the BWV's noise as long as doors are closed when you go to sleep. I always bring a sound machine for the bedroom just in case. We always do MK in the AM along w/ lunch, come back to room for an hour or two and then take the 10 min boatride to Epcot or MGM for add'l activities. We can leave the park at 9 and be home in our resort by 9:30. Works extremely well IMHO for families w/ small kids. Good luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy wherever you stay.

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