OKW GV first of June @ 7 mos?

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by Snurk71, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Snurk71

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    May 17, 2001
    I know, nothing's guaranteed. But based on past experiences, what kind of odds would you place on getting an OKW GV at 7 months for the first week of June (we own BLT, BCV, and VGC)? I mean, there's 27 of them - right.

    I'd have backup plans made for a 2BR + studio - that combo would be about the same number of points at a variety of resorts as the OKW GV.
  2. makthompson

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    Aug 21, 2005
    It might be hard to get at the 7 month window. Good Luck!

    BEASLYBOO 2017, watch out!

    Oct 5, 2007
    Your chances are quite good actually, the 1st week of June is when we always vacation. Even though it's my home resort, I've booked 4 GV's over the years (familly reunions), 3 at the 6 month mark. We were in bldng. #43 just this past June 6 -10th. I've never had to waitlist!

    June is the perfect time of summer to hit WDW. The northern schools haven't let out yet so the crowds are low, the temperature is still tolerable and the heavy rains haven't begun yet.

    As you can see we're going again this summer, sadly no GV this time, just a 2br!

    Favorite GV is in bldng#15, close walking distance to HH (main pool & Olivia's) and great view of the golf course and fountains! Second favorites are in # 53, #43 & #19 by the quiet pools and BBQ grills!

    They are beautiful!

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