OKW Grand Villa ?


Dec 19, 1999
We stayed in a GV about 3 yrs ago. It was near the Turrrtle Pond bus stop. The downstairs had a second bath next to the laundry room. Do all Grand Villas have these baths? We are hoping to go to OKW in 2003 with our friends, their kids and our kids (ages 21-28). I am trying to figure out the best type of rooms to get and the Grand Villa is the best, I think, since the kids are almost positive they will all go. We would need to use the couch in LR, so that extra bath would be great. Any suggestions as to combinations of anything else? I thought the larger kitchen, dining area and LR are would be great for 8 adults. If I book anything else space would be limited for our get togethers and meals. We have been bragging for years to our friends about our OKW trips and really want to make them understand why we have done so. You know the old questions everyone asks, why do you go year after year etc.?
The GV should be quite comfortable for your party- and everyone will have plenty of space and relative privacy.

Yes, all OKW GV's have 4 full bathrooms- 1 for each BR and the extra one downstairs.

What a great way to introduce your friends to the world of DVC! :)

As for "why do you go year after year?"....Because it's there (and paid for!!) ;)

Thanks Doc, again these boards have answered my questions. It is really great to be able to log on with any question and know that an answer awaits.
we had a 3 br grande villa at okw for 3 adults & 2 teenagers,our first time home as a dvcer, it was awesome,grand,&unbelieveable.we had a fantastic time. no one can believe the feeling we had unless they were there before.


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